Style Inspiration: Hayley Williams

Hello blog world.

I thought a good way to introduce you guys to my style would be to share with you where I get my inspiration from. Today’s focus will be Paramore front woman and all round powerhouse Hayley Williams. I have been an avid Paramore fan since the release of their sophomore album Riot in 2007, but it wasnt until the Brand New Eyes that I really started to adore the style of flame haired Hayley.

Classic Riot era outfit.
Classic Riot era outfit.

Her style bread and butter since the beginning has always been skinny jeans and t shirt, yet she’s maintained a flare for experimentation. In more recent years this desire to be unapologetically herself has led to fashion, make up and hair becoming an important part of her self expression. The ethos that fashion is dress up and make up is fun is something I truly believe in. As she has grown from a kid finding her feet to a confident woman who knows who she is so her style has evolved and become more about standing out than fitting in.

I’m really into healthy self-expression; that’s why I dye my hair, that’s why I wear stupid clothes, that’s why I don’t care that my bangs look like Spock from Star Trek. – Hayley Williams

The staples remain the same a love of great denim, the frivolity of clashing prints, a truly enviable collection of shoes (I’d give my life for her Vans collection) and a punk rock attitude that puts the focus on self expression rather than fashion rules. A true fashion renegade after my own heart.

A few  fashion highlights of late.
A few fashion highlights of late.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon.

– Sally šŸ™‚

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