My Weekend in Photos: Canary Warf, Hobbycraft Show and Fish

So this title is slightly deceptive as it will also include Monday, but please permit me this inaccuracy. I am currently on the job hunt, next week will be the third time in three weeks that I’ve been to London for interviews so this weekend is definitely out of the ordinary for me!!



Friday was a busy day for me, my fitbit registered 25,000 stops by the end if the day, this photo is of fish in Sutton Harbour. You might need to squint a bit but there’s a school of silver fish there. I stopped to take this picture as I always seem to see people fishing in the harbour, and it isn’t somewhere I’d have imagined to be a good location. However I saw so many little fish on my walk along the Harbour on Friday that I had to snap this.



Saturday was exciting, Saturday I went to The Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show in Exeter and it was amazing! Now im not the biggest crafter but I do have some crafty issues: I bake, I scrapbook and I sew. I just really fancied having a look and it was amazing.

I saw these awe inspiring machine stitched, intricately detailed animals:



The Costumes from Far From The Maddening Crowd




And I got to make a keyring with pressed flowers.


After the show I’m desperate to press flowers and get into felting!



Sunday I travelled to London, I got this snap of the Thames from the coach.



Interview day. I walked my friend to work, who lives in Canary Warf. I stopped to read through my notes by this fountain. (on a separate note I’m now in love with Canary Warf, it has such beautiful architecture)


I also stopped in Finsbury Square, it was a gorgeous Summer Day and it looked like perfection. It was filled with people soaking up some sun on thier lunchbreak.

And that’s it, the last photo I snapped over the four day period. I then caught a train home getting into Plymouth for Midnight and was in work by 12 the next day.

A lovely weekend, a rushed full and somewhat stressed one but lovely none the less. How were your weekends?


My Top 5 Tracks of the Moment

Just a short one today. Ever since starting my newest job I have found that blasting my favourite tunes as I drive to work makes the day seem a little more bearable. So I’m gonna give you a quick run down of what I’ve been listening to basically on repeat the last couple of weeks.

  1. Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots (album: Blurryface)
  2. (One Of Those) Crazy Girl – Paramore (album: Paramore)
  3. Great Big Storm – Nate Ruess (album: Grand Romantic)
  4. Dreams Come True – Brandon Flowers (album: The Desired Effect)
  5. Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy (album: American Beauty/American Psycho)

I would recommend all these artists and all these albums to anyone who is a fan of music in general. But these songs in particular have been really getting me going for the day ahead. Because I don’t know about you but on these chilly really blasting out some loud upbeat music really warms me up.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

The Leibester Award

Last week we had an exciting notification on our WordPress account from Emma of Size15stylist, she had been kind enough to nominate us for The Leibester Award. I was lucky enough to meet Emma, and her adoreable daughter earlier in the month at the Plymouth Bloggers Picnic.


After a little search around google the only official online presence I could find for this award were in an Italian Twitter account and French Facebook page, this leads me to believe this is a bit of a meme. Something created by a blogger (or bloggers) as a way to highlight smaller bloggers and help build a network between each other.

On that note, Sally and I decided to continue this chain lettering tag a few people we’d really like to highlight.

Emma’s Questions: 

When was the last time you danced? 

Emily: The last time I went out and danced was in May for Sally’s birthday, but I dance all the time. To my ipod at home, to the radio when noones in the office or with Matt when there’s no music and I just want to dance with him.

Sally: When was the last time you danced?  In my car listening to Paramore’s self titled album

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Emily: Not a clue! The only plans I have for today are going Woodlands. I am like an overexcited child and all dinner plans are far from my mind.

Sally: I’ve had butternut squash and sweet potato soup

How long have you been blogging for?

Emily: Just over four weeks, though I’ve blogged since February for work and done a guest post for another blog.

Sally: About a month…such a baby

What is your number 1 blogging tip? 

Emily: I don’t know how valid this tip is being such a new blogger, but get involved with a community. I feel like a part of the Plymouth blogging community and have worked hard on our Twitter presence since June.

Sally: Write about what you truly love it’ll be the most interesting.

What is your favourite film?

Emily: I have to chose one? I can’t chose one. I can barely compile a top ten. It’s A Wonderful Life, The Conjuring, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Wickerman… I’m going to stop there.

Sally: The Departed it’s just so complete.

How do you pamper yourself?

Emily: Bubble Baths, with some music playing on my phone and a book or magazine. I just switch off and re centre.

Sally: A face mask and nail painting session in my pjs.

What are you currently reading?

Emily: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. It’s this month’s book club read and it’s such a beautiful book. I’m also part way through Go Set A Watchman.

Sally: Blood lands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin.

Are you reading on a Kindle?

Emily: The Maya Angelou I am, Go Set A Watchman is a hardback. To minimise space I tend to buy books through Kindle unless they’re on a good offer, or I find them in a charity shop.

Sally: No and I never will. I will always read books.

What’s your top networking tip?

Emily: Smile and throw yourself into it. I try to network with a friend that way I have someone to introduce. It’s a very forced situation,  but an amazing way to make connections. Just: smile, ask questions and listen actively.

Sally: I’m not great at that sort if thing I’m too much of an introvert.

What time do you go to bed?

Emily: I aim for 10 o clock,but it’s anytime between 10 and Midnight.

Sally: Recently anywhere between 8.30-10 oh I live a wild life.

Our questions:

Heels or flats?

What is your favourite meal?

When was the last time you hugged someone?

How do you like your jeans? (Skinny/baggy high waisted/low rise?)

Favourite childhood memory?

What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

What’s your favourite instagram hashtag?

Where did you go on your last holiday?

We’re in Boots, what make up products do you put in my basket?

You get to go for drinks with one Youtuber, who do you chose?

The Liebster Award networking rules:
 -To start, you need to make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
-You must also include the Liebster award sticker in your post
-You then nominate at least 5 other bloggers with 200 or less followers who you think deserve the award and link them. Make sure you let them know you nominated them by commenting on one of their posts.
-Answer the questions that were asked of you by the person who nominated you which are on their post and then make 10 of your own for your selected nominees.
-And finally, copy these rules on to your post.

Our nominees :






(I’ve tried to find bloggers with below 200 followers and I’ve based this list on bloglovin follows or comments and likes etc, appologies if I’ve tagged you incorrectly.  I also chose those who’s blogs I actually follow and enjoy)

A Few Of My Most Treasured Books: A Glance At My Bookshelf

I, for as long as I can remember, have been a big fan of books. My first memory is walking through a book fair at my pre school with my mum. When I was in year seven and we had an enforced reading hour I’d bring spare books for my classmates. I remember being desperate to read Stephen Kings Carrie because of how scary my mum said the film was. I remember how eye opening re-reading that book was for me a couple years ago.


I thought I’d talk you through three books that really jumped out for me from my collection, sharing why they were important and why you might like them.


The Naughtiest Girl In The School:Enid Blyton

I love this book, I love the cover, I love that’s it’s hardback and old, and beautiful. I love that the pages are worn and well read. I love the story!

It’s effectively about a spoilt only child, Elizabeth, who doesn’t want to go to boarding school for a variety of reasons, and to solve the problem she plans to be so naughty they send her home. It’s a tale about learning who you are, and how much others can give you. Whyteleafe is an amazing school which would enchant any child. Think Wild Child but with 11 year olds in 1930’s/40’s England. This is one of the only books I have from my very early childhood,rereading it makes me feel incredibly nostalgic.


Rebecca: Daphne Du Maurier

This one is special to me for a miyraid of reasons. It’s a book I picked up from a charity shop and kept meaning to read, and I picked it up roughly twelve months ago and because obsessed with the story. It was the first book we read in my book club and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It’s most easily classified as a love story, but that’s far too simplistic. A young naive woman marries a windowed man she falls for quickly, and finds herself overwhelmed by her station and consumed by his previous wife and her presence in Manderly. It’s gothic, and suspenseful, absorbing and set in Cornwall.

I was lucky enough to see an adaption of the story by Kneehigh in the Theatre Royal earlier in the year, and though it deviated from the essence of the story (there was a musical interlude!) it was an amazing interpretation. The set was incredible, as was the lighting and the story was so well told. I always enjoy seeing a story I love told from a different persons perspective. It was also my partners first trip to the theatre as an adult which was fun.


The Time Travellers Wife: Audrey Niffenegger

This is actually my second copy of this, I leant it to a friend who was meant to return it in the post and never did (sob!). You might have seen the film, but these are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. This novel is so full of beautiful but detailed subtleties, emotions and small moments it would have been impossible to accurately translate this to film, especially within a two hour time frame.

Henry and Clare are two people who are utterly in love with each other in a consuming, yet simple and understated way. They are soul mates and thier story is bittersweet and beautiful. It’s a love story, and a story of this couples life together. Yes he can time travel, but it’s thier love that makes this my favorite of all my book shelf. I re-read this every year. I cry every year. I try my hardest to thrust this story onto others every year.

I feel Henry and Clare deserve to be there with Jane and Mr Rochester, Romeo and Juliete, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.

So those are the three books I really wanted to talk about, they’re three of many. I’ve excluded Harry Potter’s, Marian Keyes, Sylvia Plath and many other authors and books that I love. I might do another Glace At My Bookshelf Post, if this one doesn’t bore people too much! Have you read these three? What books do you love?

– Emily

I bought all of these myself none were gifted or sent. Rebecca and The Time Travellers Wife were both charity shop finds. As much as I love a physical book I tend to purchase new books through my Kindle to save on my very limited space (I am a book horder).

My Most Loved Shoes.

Today I’ll be going through my most loved and worn shoes…and when I say shoes I mean trainers. My style has always been super comfy and super casual so over the years I’ve been building up a little collection of trainers. As I’ve always been a lover of the alternative and fringe worlds of rock music and extreme sports I’ve always lusted after Converse and Vans trainers. I remember getting my first pair of Vans when I was about 12 and wearing them to death until they nearly fell apart and my mum forced me to throw away. I just loved them so much they symbolised everything I loved; style, rebellion, a life outside the norm. Bearing in ind this was years before Vans and Converse became mainstream fashion items, this was when wearing Vans or Converse or Superga etc was a statement that you were a skater kid or a punk kid or a surfer kid. These brands meant a lot to me growing up and they still do and that’s why I will in all probability be 80s years rocking some Vans Sk8 His.

So I’ve picked out some of my favourite, most worn shoes and beaten up shoes.

Vans Mickey Mouse
Vans Mickey Mouse

I’ll start with my newbies. By far the cleanest in my collection because I’ve only had them for a few months. But when I found out Vans were doing a Disney collection I knew I had to have a pair. The universe decided to combine two of my favourite things in the world so I treated myself to the mickey Mouse pair and have no regrets what so ever.

Vans Authentic yellow
Vans Authentic yellow

My favourite summer shoes. These were a birthday present to myself one year as yellow is my favourite colour. Obviously I do wear them all year but during the summer they don’t spend a lot of time not on my feet.

Converse Red

My first ever pair of Converse, I’ve had these bad boys for about 5/6 years. I got them whilst at university and wore them solid for most of the 3 years I was at university and they’r still going strong.

Vans Sk8 Hi
Vans Sk8 Hi

My only pair of high tops…for now. I absolutely love the look of these, especially with slightly rolled up jeans or dresses. For me adding these high tops to a dress just completely dresses down the whole outfit and makes it more casual, which I love.

Converse white
Converse white

These are some of my most versatile shoes. They go perfectly with everything from jeans to shorts to skirts and dresses. I love them as alternative to black when wearing a mainly black outfit or when I think ‘this outfit needs black shoes’ I try these and its just a little bit different…but good.

So that’s some of my most cherished trainers and I truly love them and wear them to death. In fact I’ll be wearing my white converse with my outfit today.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon. – Sally 🙂

DISCLAIMER: All these were bought with my own money or were presents.

A Blogger Picnic: #PlymouthBlogMeet


A fortnight ago I was invited along to something rather exciting: my first blogger event. Invited does imply that I was selected to attend, when in actual fact since the inception of our Twitter I have been all but begging the very enterprising Ellie ( of Little Ellie Mae) to add me to the guest list.

This event could not have been better suited to my personality: it was an informal picnic, where people brought and shared snacks with a baking competition at its core!!! I Love baking, it is honestly one of my favourite things to do, and as any of my close friends and colleagues can attest I’m not too shabby. I also have a signature bake: Chocolate Brownies. So I was in my element.


As far as baking goes I’m organised to an extent, but I also tend towards “making do”. My entry for the competition was a batch of: Triple Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies. This was due to two reasons: I forgot to buy fudge, and Id accidentally made too much caramel the week before. So I substituted the fudge for caramel, and not only did it taste amazing, I think adding the caramel to the chocolate butter mix caused the caramel to taste “salted”.


When it comes to event day, I was feeling slightly nervous; I knew none of the other bloggers and was attending the event stag, both Sally and my other blogger friend were unable to attend. When I found the location (which was so beautiful, your typical “English Park”) I popped my offering with the rest of the food on the picnic table, and sat under the gazebo with the other bloggers. Who were some of the nicest, most welcoming people. Very friendly and happy to chat with a new blogger, I honestly felt like I’ve made a few firm blogging friends. It was a very welcoming event as well with a few of the bloggers bringing their children or families with them.

It was a lovely event with everyone chatting about a previous week’s event at Lush Plymouth, beauty, style, local life, musicals. Anything and everything. I also wasn’t the only blogger to arrive slightly late, Kim arrived a little while after me with a bake that stole the show.


One of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen, the level of detail and skill that went into this bake. I was very in awe of Kim’s ability. And this beautiful cake tasted so good, between the multiple layers of cake there was buttercream and raspberries, with the same to ice the outside. Its probably one of the best slices of cake I’ve ever had. (I feel a bit like Tamal from last weeks bake off talking about that sandwich). It was a well-deserved win of Star Baker, the sheer amount of time and planning that went into the cake deserves an accolade.


After the cakes and snacks had been devoured, everyone packed up to go to various events (lunches and cider festivals) to take some outfit photos, or just get on with their days. If you’re a Plymouth based or local blogger I recommend dropping Ellie a Tweet or DM to find out about the next one. I could not recommend attending it highly enough.

If you want me to do a post on my Brownie Recipe, let me know in the comments!

If you wanted to read some of the posts from others on the pic nic:

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Megan: Plymouth Blog Meet Picnic – 05/09/15

Shula: Plymouth Blog Meet and Frog Cupcakes Recipe

Kim: Lemon + Raspberry Flower Celebration Cake

Nicole: Plymouth Blogger Picnic



Get to Know Me: Sally!

Doing something a little different today. Thought you might like to get to know a little more about me. So a quick run through the basics my name is Sally, I’m 24 and I’m a TA at a secondary school. Now I’ve amended a bunch of questions from a tag I found so you can learn a little more about me. Now lets get started.

1: What are you wearing?
My ‘Tekkers’ hoody and some H&M sweat pants.

2: Ever been in love?
Yes and currently am.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
Not yet :/

4: How tall are you?
I weirdly always seem to think that I’m taller than I am but I think I’m about 5’6”-5’7”.

5: How much do you weigh?
God knows, I don’t weigh myself or keep track of my weight. Never have don’t want to.

6: Any tattoos?
Yeah I have 8. 3 big-ish ones and 5 little ones.

7: Any piercings?
Again 8 but only 2 are still open. Wish I still had both sides of my nose pierced, everyone hated it but I loved the look of two nose rings on either side.

8: OTP?
I’m going to assume that means Otter Training Partner and no I don’t have one. Though I wish I had an Otter.

9: Favourite show?
Of all time; The OC. For right now; Sons of Anarchy.

10: Favourite bands?
A few years ago I made a decision that when asked The Killers would be my favourite band and they are.

11: Something you miss?
Living at uni. Having my best friends living down the street not all over the country.

12: Favourite song?
Spaceman – The Killers.

13: How old are you?
In my body 24, in my soul 83.

14: Zodiac sign?
Taurus…I’m such a Taurus.

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
The ability to laugh at oneself.

16: Favourite Quote?
Never take life too seriously, you won’t get out alive.

17: Favourite actor?
Either Robert DeNiro or Emma Stone.

18: Favourite colour?
Yellow any kind of yellow.

19: Loud music or soft?
Loud music even if its soft.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
To my bed and snuggle up.

21: Ever been in a physical fight?
I’ve been in many mosh pits so basically yes.

22: Turn on?
Being slightly left of centre. Being just weird and odd enough.

23: Turn off?

24: Fears?
That my skin will always be this terrible and I’ll never grow out of bad skin. Oh and the destructive power of the sea.

25: Last time you said you loved someone?
About 2 hours ago on the phone to my boyfriend.

26: Last book you read?
The Wild by Cheryl Strayed. So so good, now I just need to watch the film.

27: The book you’re currently reading?
Slightly different; Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder.

28: Last show you watched?
The Real Housewives of Orange County.

29: Last person you talked to?
My father was asking me what I was doing up in my room.

30: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
He’s my boyfriend and he’s sporadically texting me whilst he games. Basically I get a little text every time he has to re-spawn or something.

31: Place you want to visit?
South Africa so badly. Trinidad and Tobago again because I have a bit of family out there that I’d love see again. And Nashville because I love me a country singing cowboy.

32: Do you have a crush?
Yes on my boy and maybe Chibs from Sons of Anarchy. God bless those scars and dimples.

33: Last time you kissed someone?
This morning when I said goodbye to my boyfriend before we both left for work.

34: Favourite flavour of sweet?
The red wine gums.

35: What instruments do you play?
I used to play the flute but I haven’t since I was about 15.

36: Favourite piece of jewellery?
A heart necklace my boyfriend got me for our first Valentine’s that I really didn’t expect to get.

37: Last sport you played?
Probably badminton, I used to play that with my friends.

38: Last song you sang?
I blasted out some Adele on the drive home from work.

So that’s a little insight into me. Might do something like this again soon so you can get to know the person behind the blog.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂