A Few Of My Most Treasured Books: A Glance At My Bookshelf

I, for as long as I can remember, have been a big fan of books. My first memory is walking through a book fair at my pre school with my mum. When I was in year seven and we had an enforced reading hour I’d bring spare books for my classmates. I remember being desperate to read Stephen Kings Carrie because of how scary my mum said the film was. I remember how eye opening re-reading that book was for me a couple years ago.


I thought I’d talk you through three books that really jumped out for me from my collection, sharing why they were important and why you might like them.


The Naughtiest Girl In The School:Enid Blyton

I love this book, I love the cover, I love that’s it’s hardback and old, and beautiful. I love that the pages are worn and well read. I love the story!

It’s effectively about a spoilt only child, Elizabeth, who doesn’t want to go to boarding school for a variety of reasons, and to solve the problem she plans to be so naughty they send her home. It’s a tale about learning who you are, and how much others can give you. Whyteleafe is an amazing school which would enchant any child. Think Wild Child but with 11 year olds in 1930’s/40’s England. This is one of the only books I have from my very early childhood,rereading it makes me feel incredibly nostalgic.


Rebecca: Daphne Du Maurier

This one is special to me for a miyraid of reasons. It’s a book I picked up from a charity shop and kept meaning to read, and I picked it up roughly twelve months ago and because obsessed with the story. It was the first book we read in my book club and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It’s most easily classified as a love story, but that’s far too simplistic. A young naive woman marries a windowed man she falls for quickly, and finds herself overwhelmed by her station and consumed by his previous wife and her presence in Manderly. It’s gothic, and suspenseful, absorbing and set in Cornwall.

I was lucky enough to see an adaption of the story by Kneehigh in the Theatre Royal earlier in the year, and though it deviated from the essence of the story (there was a musical interlude!) it was an amazing interpretation. The set was incredible, as was the lighting and the story was so well told. I always enjoy seeing a story I love told from a different persons perspective. It was also my partners first trip to the theatre as an adult which was fun.


The Time Travellers Wife: Audrey Niffenegger

This is actually my second copy of this, I leant it to a friend who was meant to return it in the post and never did (sob!). You might have seen the film, but these are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. This novel is so full of beautiful but detailed subtleties, emotions and small moments it would have been impossible to accurately translate this to film, especially within a two hour time frame.

Henry and Clare are two people who are utterly in love with each other in a consuming, yet simple and understated way. They are soul mates and thier story is bittersweet and beautiful. It’s a love story, and a story of this couples life together. Yes he can time travel, but it’s thier love that makes this my favorite of all my book shelf. I re-read this every year. I cry every year. I try my hardest to thrust this story onto others every year.

I feel Henry and Clare deserve to be there with Jane and Mr Rochester, Romeo and Juliete, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.

So those are the three books I really wanted to talk about, they’re three of many. I’ve excluded Harry Potter’s, Marian Keyes, Sylvia Plath and many other authors and books that I love. I might do another Glace At My Bookshelf Post, if this one doesn’t bore people too much! Have you read these three? What books do you love?

– Emily

I bought all of these myself none were gifted or sent. Rebecca and The Time Travellers Wife were both charity shop finds. As much as I love a physical book I tend to purchase new books through my Kindle to save on my very limited space (I am a book horder).

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