My Weekend in Photos: Canary Warf, Hobbycraft Show and Fish

So this title is slightly deceptive as it will also include Monday, but please permit me this inaccuracy. I am currently on the job hunt, next week will be the third time in three weeks that I’ve been to London for interviews so this weekend is definitely out of the ordinary for me!!



Friday was a busy day for me, my fitbit registered 25,000 stops by the end if the day, this photo is of fish in Sutton Harbour. You might need to squint a bit but there’s a school of silver fish there. I stopped to take this picture as I always seem to see people fishing in the harbour, and it isn’t somewhere I’d have imagined to be a good location. However I saw so many little fish on my walk along the Harbour on Friday that I had to snap this.



Saturday was exciting, Saturday I went to The Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show in Exeter and it was amazing! Now im not the biggest crafter but I do have some crafty issues: I bake, I scrapbook and I sew. I just really fancied having a look and it was amazing.

I saw these awe inspiring machine stitched, intricately detailed animals:



The Costumes from Far From The Maddening Crowd




And I got to make a keyring with pressed flowers.


After the show I’m desperate to press flowers and get into felting!



Sunday I travelled to London, I got this snap of the Thames from the coach.



Interview day. I walked my friend to work, who lives in Canary Warf. I stopped to read through my notes by this fountain. (on a separate note I’m now in love with Canary Warf, it has such beautiful architecture)


I also stopped in Finsbury Square, it was a gorgeous Summer Day and it looked like perfection. It was filled with people soaking up some sun on thier lunchbreak.

And that’s it, the last photo I snapped over the four day period. I then caught a train home getting into Plymouth for Midnight and was in work by 12 the next day.

A lovely weekend, a rushed full and somewhat stressed one but lovely none the less. How were your weekends?


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