Spring Throwback: Smeatons Tower, Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth is “Britain’s Ocean City”, and being a Seaside City one of the coolest and most identifiable landmarks we have is Smeatons Tower.

an image from PCC ‘s Flickr Gallery

Smeatons Tower is an interesting one, 72 feet high this lighthouse was moved brick by brick (or at least two thirds of it were!) from the Eddystone Reef to The Hoe. This lighthouse is as much a part of Plymouth as Captin Jaspers or Plymouth Argyle, bit few Plymouthians have actually been in and up the lighthouse. That’s what I did this Spring.

It has multiple levels which have been designed to look how they would when the lighthouse was originally built and in use, each level has a different bit of history to discover. Once your at the top you can either stay inside the glass enclosure, or venture out to feel the wind and really experience the amazing views.

I dragged my brother up with me and it was such a good experience. It was quiet so we had the deck to ourselves, and the chap selling the tickets was happy for us to take as long as we wanted!

It has the most amazing views of Plymouth, across the sound,along the Hoe and the Citadel. All for the cost of Β£4, which also gets you access to Mayflower Museum.

Here are a few photos from the top:




Sally preferring to stay at ground level
Perfect spot for a selfie

If you haven’t climbed Smeatons Tower do it! It’s something a little different, and probably thr best selfie backdrop in all of Plymouth! πŸ˜‰

– Emily

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post, I am currently on a train to London and was flicking through my phone looking for something to write about and I found these photos. I love Plymouth and Cornwall and just hope this inspires someone else to explore a different part of Plymouth.

4 thoughts on “Spring Throwback: Smeatons Tower, Plymouth Hoe

  1. I last went up Smeaton’s Tower about 5 years ago, but this post has made me want to do it again! Interesting historical facts at the beginning too, I didn’t know those despite living near Plymouth for most of my life! Nice post πŸ™‚ x


    • You really should, it won’t take up much of your day but if your relaxing and sunbathing on The Hoe it would be rude not to! It was the first time I’d been up since I was a child, really amazing experience though!

      And thank you 😊 imagine how cool it would be to be at the top during the fireworks competition!!


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