Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup: The Crimson Lip

So last weekend one of my school friends got married. I just sat down to work it out, and we’ve known each other since year eight, and got close in sixth form. She’s one of the few people I’ve stayed in touch with since we all went off to university. Being able to celebrate the evening do with her and her new husband was amazing,and I definelty teared up at the first dance.

I thought I’d talk you through my look, which was full glamour make up and a pretty New Look dress from A/W 2013. Im very fair so red really suits me, I actually packed three red dresses incase I changed my mind at the last minute. You can’t see my shoes in this photo, but I’m wearing some lacey black flats.


I curled my hair using a Mark Hill Curling Wand, rolled the sections into victory style rolls, pinned them to my head and left them to cool. I pinned my fringe to the side with a twist and released the curls, giving them a light shake to separate them. The curls dropped out pretty quickly, the only was I can make curls last is if I set them, which I tend to do with overnight pin curls and a spritz of salt spray.

Makeup wise, I used all the bits from my everyday makeup,  and added two special items: MAC’s Ruby Woo and Fleur De Forces Lashes. This is the formula for my favourite evening makeup, I feel so beautiful in this! I used a red lip pencil, from the same range as my favorite Rimmel one and then applied the lipstick with a lip brush, patting and reapplying. As the evening goes on I reapply by patting the Colour on from the bullet.



As for the lashes, I’ve fallen in love with them. They really add a depth to your lashes, but remain subtle. I’m looking forward to an occasion using these again, I’ve already used the individual ones, I need to buy the rest of them.

Anyway, that was my outfit! I got so many compliments that evening, and only knew a small handful of people at the wedding so that really added something to my evening.

What do you tend to wear to a wedding? Do you like this, or do you feel it’s a bit too informal?

– Emily

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