A City Breaks Worth Of Makeup In A Carry On

So I am currently in Rotterdam, and will shortly be in Amsterdam.  This trip is uniquely different to any other I have completed, as I went with hand luggage only, and we’re away for four nights. Last time I stayed in London overnight fir an interview I brought three changes of clothes…


I thought I’d do this post on make up, it’ll be very similar to my auto pilot makeup, but with a few useful additions from my Glossybox subscription over the last year or so. I have a separate bag for skincare and toiletries, if you want to see what’s in that let me know! Onto my travel makeup bits:


My makeup bag is from Glossybox, and reaching for it each morning is putting a massive smile on my face. When it came to packing this, it’s a very low key trip so I went low key with my makeup. I decided not to pack foundation, as my skin has been pretty clear lately. Instead I packed my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Medium Cool (2), and Rimmel’s Clear Complexation Pressed Powder in Translucent (021) allowing me to create a simple base if needs be.


Moving onto eyes, im not a huge powder shadow fan. It always creates on me, and I didn’t pack liner to minimise my getting ready time, instead I opted for two Glossybox products: Model Co More Brows in Light/Medium which is a lovely colour brow Mascara which defines and shapes my brows, it has a lovely small brush which helps minimise mess. I brought a Jelly Pong Pong Mascara (Fairy Lights Curl Mascara), it creates lovely definition but us far to wet a formula for me. With every application I have to reach for a cotton bud to tidy away flecks and streaks of black. The finish is lovely but the application is too much of a faff.

The products I packed for the “fun” factor were lip products:


Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti (015). A lovely sheer coral colour, it adds a very subtle something to your finished look. I like this when I want to do something different from my reds and pinks.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips (colour unlisted). This very glossy, almost Barbie pink is an easy colour for me, it’s the sort of pink I’ve been wearing since I was 18. It suits my colouring immensely and makes me feel cute.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine with the Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam behind me


Barry M 121. This lipstick is better known as “I was too afraid to bring my Ruby Woo incase customs decided my makeup was contraband, or it was pilfered by a clearer, or melted on the journey.” it’s very different to Ruby Woo, but colour is similar. It’s a glossy red which applies slightly sheet but builds well, it has a tendency to transfer but in a manageable way. I love a red lip, I feel classy and very “done” even with the most simple of looks.

And that’s the makeup I brought with me, the only thing I’m missing every morning is my highlighter. I like a glowy finish. There is one product I havent included in this and that’s a sample of foundation I got in a magazine. I’ve used it once, but foundation wasn’t something I planned on bringing.

I also have a tiny Yves Rocher perfume with me, also from a Glossybox. I put this on my pressure points and on the ends of my hair each morning, so whenever I swish my hair I smell pretty!

– Emily

All these pieces were purchased by myself, I’ve been a subscriber of Glossybox for the last year and a half. The perfume sample is older, whereas the Mascara was in this month’s box.

The list form for anyone looking for quick tips:
-Translucent Powder
– Powder Brush
– High Coverage Concealer
– Eye Brow Mascara
– Black Mascara
– Coral Tinted Lip Balm/Butter
– Pink Stick Gloss
– Red Lipstick
– Sample Sized Perfume

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