The time I fell in love with Rotterdam

The Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug)

I was recently able to visit Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam with my work; we were based out of Rotterdam for the first couple nights and spent the final night in Amsterdam. The stand out city for this trip was Rotterdam, but put me riverside in a city and I find it nigh impossible to fall in love with it.


I’ve visited Amsterdam before, on one disastrous trip with a bunch of people I barely knew. The original trip had me silly drunk, and also had myself and my travelling companions wandering around the city at 01:00 trying to find somewhere to stay. I’m really grateful that I got to visit the city again, and aside from getting lost due to works on tram tracks, it was nice to visit Amsterdam again. Also, I like being slightly lost in a new city. You get to discover things you may otherwise miss, and its an exploration of a city in an unguided way. Also with phone networks having such good international packages, if I wanted to find my way its only around £2 to use my mobile internet.


Back to Rotterdam, I also got lost here. I realised I’d taken a wrong turn pretty quickly, and decided that I didn’t mind being late for dinner (I was dining alone), and continued wondering down the river. One thing I will say about the Netherlands is that alongside being incredibly clean, and having beautiful architecture, they have so many sculptures. During my 15 minute Riverside detour I passed no fewer than eight sculptures. It was also a special wander as  I got to experience everything at night time, and in a light rain. Id packed a raincoat so the rain wasn’t an issue, it just added to the atmosphere.


The day before, after unpacking and having a power nap, I explored the city. I walked alongside the river as far as I could, and then turned back and explored in the other direction. There are so many things I wished Id photographed now to further describe how beautiful the city is! We then went on a “Spido” tour of the city from a boat, combined with a history and explanation of what the river and city did today. When looking for a spot for dinner, I discovered the single coolest thing: A Rainbow Crossing.

I want to go back to Rotterdam, I want to take a photographer friend as I know he’ll love it. There were so many moments where I just wished I was able to capture an image as perfectly as he could. For instance:


This is The Erasmus Bridge first thing in the morning before the sun has risen.

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