Lunch in the Riverford Field Kitchen

I was recently able to visit Riverford Field Kitchen fir the first time. I was quite excited by this opportunity as I’m a bit of a fussy eater, I don’t eat red meat. So the opportunity to eat at an establishment that champions local seasonal produce wherever available was a win for me.

Walking into the Resturant you struggle not to be impressed, the walls were decorated with dried items from previous harvests or imports. The tables and chairs were natural wood, with a very open kitchen and friendly staff. The crockery also had me the minute they layed the table, mismatched vintage plates!


We were shown to our tables and this is where the dining experience begins, the food is served family style, so each plate is passed around, and serve yourself from. Aside from being a change from the norm, this seemed a very efficient way of utilising servers time as they only deliver plates to the table once, and those plates are from a set menu so everyone in the party had the same thing.

The starters were roasted and carrots, and a plate of curly kale and cheese. I’ve tried kale before and not been overly impressed, but this I enjoyed immensely. My favourite of the two dishes by far was the carrot one, I love carrots and pickles separately so a combination of the two was a perfect dish for me.

The main dish was a bit of a let down for me, it comprised of preserved tomatoes with hard cheese shavings and some form of tortilla, I expected it to be hot and the cheese to melt into the different items but it was a cold dish. Luckily the sides were amazing: a parsnip and almond puree which was the saving grace for me (seconds and thirds were had), the second side wasnt overly impressive. The meat option went down well with the other other diners!

And desert was the best part, the table go to the kitchen and are shown all the options. I chose a cheese cake and a baked chocolate moose (like I’d chose anything else). I need to learn to make that chocolate moose, it was very rich but still very light as you’d expect from a moose. I need that recipe!

Overal I loved my visit to Riverford, I’d love to go again and try a different vegetation option for my main as I think i was unlucky with this visit. All in all I was really happy and would recommend this resturant to anyone looking for something different to the norm!


-This is a stand alone post,  I have no affiliation with Riverford aside from an admiration of the brand, and obviously thier food.

No7 Event and the First Time I had my Make-Up Done.

So last Thursday Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to a No7 event here in Plymouth. It was to try out their Match Made service, which I had heard of but never tried myself. Now, No7 is a brand that I has always been around but I’ve never really thought of for myself. I remember stealing my first ever lipstick from my mum and it was a gorgeous plum shade by No7, and I loved it. Since hitting my twenties I’ve come to realise that the brands I associate with my mum are actually really great brands (why do mums always know best even with make up) and No7 is definitely an example of that.

Cute set up at the event with personalised gift bag 🙂

They gave us a run down of the Match Made service and how it works and I made notes so I’ll pass those onto you. Well, the gist I got was they have a camera that has 200 LED lights and takes a picture of your clean skin (usually on the jawline because of less pigmentation). The camera then let’s you know your shade, one of 17 shades and then you can choose from 12 different types of coverages and finishes. From the shade you are given you can match your concealer, your powder, your lipstick and now your blusher. And so that’s how it works, it’s been running for a few years now and all products and developments are tested on over 2000 women to ensure quality.

The products used on me.

At the event we had the Match Made service used on us and got our make-up done, something that I have never had done before and I loved it. My shade was Calico and I matched it to a lipstick called Pink Hint and a publisher called Peony Mist both muted pinks. The first thing they did on my skin was take off my original make-up using the Beautiful Skin  Cleanising Water, the I was moisturised using Beautiful Skin Day Cream and the Early Defense Eye Cream. Next was the Stay Perfect Primer which is a complete dupe for the Porefessional by Benefit but for a fraction of the price. After the primer was my foundation choice, I went for a foundation more light to medium coverage the Air Brush Away foundation in Calico and was lovely and light on the skin whilst being a decent coverage. Lastly, the Instant Radiance Concealer in 010 and the Match Made Concealer in 010 for under eyes and blemishes respectively.

The Air Brush Away foundation used on me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and having my make-up done for the first time. Everyone was so friendly and chatty and it has really enamored me to No7 again. So, if you have a No7 at and near you try out their Match Made service I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

The Lost Side Cafe Bar, Plymouth. Iced Coffee, amazing food and beautiful Sutton Harbour views.


Plymouths Sutton Harbour used to be a very popular resturant area of Plymouth with Zucca, Joined Up Whiting, Cuisine Spontane and The Souk. Sadly, a large number of the resturants in this area either closed down, or had the spaces relaunched in a different way.

I used to love going for food on Sutton Harbour, parking was limited but the food was diverse and amazing. Currently Quay Cafe, what can best be referred to as a greasy spoon, wad the only cafe option. Until The Lost Side Cafe Bar opened. As soon as I walked past it I was interested, and when I saw they served iced coffee I was sold.



The cafe is also a shop for skate style apparel. So you also have the option to shop, and there’s often a discount to be had. And the cafe is adoreable decorated, it’s probably the most hipster or modern decor in Plymouth, and it has one of the best views.

I’ve visited this cafe a few times, both to take away and sit in and the iced coffee is amazing, and so is the food. They have a small selection of really lovely pasties and sweet treats and an extensive lunch or dinner menu, as well as stocking Langage Ice Cream . They also have a license, so if your feeling tempted you can have an ice cold cider.

Caramel Iced Coffee ❤

The food is so good, that each time I’ve visited I’ve forgotten to take a photo, which is a sign of the quality more than any photo I could take. I’ve had thier Brownies a couple times, and as a brownie snob I can’t fault them. They moist, beautiful and richly chocolaty. On the opposite end of the spectrum, thier paninis are amazing and thier salads and filling and tasty. With options like avocado and kale, they really have thier finger on the pulse. I need to remember to take a photo next time I’m there.

So good, I forgot to take a photo!


My Favourite corner, if its too windy/cold to sit outside
Board Games!

The service is also amazing. The owner tends to run the cafe, and she’s very polite and friendly and easy to chat to, and so is the rest of the staff. They’re a lovely bunch of people.

I can’t wait for the next time I pop in. It’s so different to what we have currently in Plymouth, with such an amazing location. If your yet to visit I can’t recommend it enough, the service and food are amazing and I will be back soon for a caramel iced coffee!

impressive view

If you want to join me for a coffee sometime, let me know

– Emily

This post isnt sponsored, I fell in love with this cafe. Give me an independant business, an iced coffee, and some “handmade” food rather than frozen and I’m sold.

an extra aside I had a twitter conversation with Sutton Harbour after this post and they reminded me of how much there is at Sutton Harbour. We have The Stable, Dolphin Brasserie, Rockets and Rascals cafe and Make at 140 Vauxhall Steet, the last of which I am especially excited to visit as a lover of all things crafty. Sutton Harbour had a lot to offer, and it’s a very special area of Plymouth. After visiting The Lost Place you should definitely have an explore.

My Go To Make Up.

When you wake up at 6am 5 nights a week you tend to go into a make up auto pilot, what with the lack of being properly awake. So this is what I wear 99% of the time I`m wearing make up.



I start with my favourite base the Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB in Intensity 1.0. I apply it with fingers and apply it very thinly and it evens my skin tone out nicely whilst letting my skin breathe a little, aka you can still see my freckles through it.



Next I apply the Rimmel 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter in 010 Ivory on any blemishes and then use this Eco Tool tiny buffer brush to blend out the concealer. I also use this under my eyes but I only apply a little as I don`t have particularly bad eye bags…thank the lord.



Next I set all of my blemish concealing and pay special attention to my forehead with the Maybelline Matte Maker in 10 Classic Ivory and it`s a great skin control product.



Next I use the Collection Cover Stick in 01 Light to go over any particularly stubborn blemishes to try and just get rid of the red.


Lastly, I use The body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum and it`s a great everyday flush of pink blusher that is just a no brainer when my brain isn`t awake yet.


On a day to day basis I don`t do any eye make up or do my eyebrows. This is mainly because I`m lazy and it takes far too long but also as a glasses wearer I find that you can never really see if my eyes and eyebrows are done so I just skip them.

So this is what I wear on the regular. It`s fast, it`s simple and it`s effective.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

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This last month in books: five different stories

I read a crazy number of books this month…

I am a book hoarder, and I tend to re-read books I enjoy. If I donate a book (I will never throw away a book unless it is unreadable, even if it’s a Jodie Picoult and the conclusion makes me so angry) it’s because I will never read it again. The first place I look when I get to a charity shop is the books, then the clothes. I must have 100 books, around 50% of which I’m yet to read. So,entires this hoarding is amazing (so many choices), other times it’s an inconvenience (lots of books take up lots of space).

One of the ways I attempt to control this hoarding is with a Kindle. I don’t notice any discernible difference between the two mediums in the experience of reading. The biggest benefit of owning a kindle for me is that this small device can potentially store hundreds of books, minimising the physical space they take up and reducing the weight I carry around on a daily basis. I have a tendency to hoard Kindle books also, i browse the monthly and daily deals and download books I’ve wanted to read and buy them whilst they’re on offer. 

This Kindle stock piling served me well, as I read Miss Peregrine, our book club read, in about a week, and needed something enganging quickly afterwards as a balm. As an aside, I read the majority of the Mindy Kaling novel and Sue Monk King novel whilst in Amsterdam, travelling I find goes hand in hand with a good book. In a normal month, three is normally the meaximum number of books I could read

Miss Peregrine’s School For Peculiar Children: Ransom Riggs

This was a book club read. It was such a disappointing book for me, that it spurred my reading to cleanse my mind of it’s lacking. The novel had potential, but it ended at an odd point, and left a lot of questions. Only one book clubber was a fan! The story is about a young teen who afternl his grandfather passing away in a dramatic situation, travels to a Welsh island to explore his grandfather’s past armed with a box of odd photographs. This New York Times Bestsellers is being made into a film, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

£5.12      2/5

The Miniaturist: Jessie Burton

 This was the antithesis to Miss Peregrine. I’d been putting off reading it, as for I thought it was a story of a wife having an affair with a Miniaturist, I was so wrong! The novel is a story of secrets, dreams, social order and secrets. If you enjoyed Rebecca I would recommend this novel, it has the same themes of being an outsider in a large house with secrets and rules surrounding you but that’s as far as the comparison goes. I struggled to put this book down, and spent the interim discussing different themes with my friend Katie who had already read it. It’s the story of a young girl who marries an older rich and successful man, and weeks after the wedding moves in with him, his sister and thier servants. It’s a house full of whispers and secrets, of feeling unfulfilled and dreams.

£2.84       4/5

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling

I bought this because I loved the title. I’ve never watched anything with Mindy in it but the clips I’ve seen for The Mindy Project look amazing. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this one, but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see into someone’s childhood and the story of how they built themselves up professionally. I enjoyed the book, but it would be back to the charity shop if it was a physical book.

£4.99      3/5

The Secret Life Of Bees: Sue Monk Kid

Another case of misunderstanding, I thought this was a feminist novel. Not a clue where I got that idea from. What it is instead is a story of a young white girl who runs away from home to find out more about her mums past. It is set during the American Civil Rights Movement and focuses on this little girl coming to know herself whilst caring for Bees and living with three Black sisters, and her maid. It’s interesting and fill of mystery and secrets. Fans of The Help would enjoy this. (

£3.99      4/5

The One That Got Away: Simon Wood

This was an easy read, the sort of thing you take one leave behind. It’s a story about a woman escaping a serial killer but leaving her friend behind. Aside from the guilt she feels at her actions, the killers finds her again. It was an easy book to finish the month off with, if your a fan of Criminal Minds like me, you’d probably enjoy this!

£3.98     2/5

I have read exactly two pages so far this month. 7 days ago we chose our new book club read: The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens and Im finding it hard to get into, not that ive particularly tried, im two pages in. Ive finished one magazine this week, thats the most taxing read ive provided myself with. Though if we’d gone with World War Z or Night Circus I would probably have finished the book already… Not at all bitter…

This is not a sponsored post, I like books and simply wanted to share another post on the topic.

Most of  the instagram pictures are other people’s images that were public, I have embedded them to share some of my favourite images. The copyright belongs to the owner of the image and not me.

Lush Plymouth event: Winter Is Coming


So roughly a month ago I was invited to a special event, Lush Plymouth‘s Winter is Coming launch night. Aside from the enthusiasm of the staff I was really impressed by this event from one main reason: I am a Lush newbie, and I learnt so much about this brand in a couple hours! The night started with waiting outside with the other bloggers, staring though the windows and watching the staff play with Fairy Dust and First Snow, and hoping for the doors to open. Once inside we were given personalised Lush cups and given free reign in the store to see and touch all the new products.


Our first activity was a competition, we were split into teams and tasked with using Fun to create a Santa or Snowman in a very short period time. Fun would be an amazing gift for a young, or arty relative. As I’m typing this I’m thinking about how good it would be for younger sister (who is in her 20’s)!

We were then taken through each product category with a chance to smell and learn about the new launches. Bath bombs, shower products, soaps, face masks, makeup, gifts as the night went on we all got more and more excited about the new releases.

Here are a few of the stand out bits from the night for me:

Magic Wand
Five Gold Rings

And before we left Lush were generous enough to give us a basket to create our own goody bags. I picked up: Christingle, Santa Baby, Yog Nog and Sparkly Pumpkin. I also purchased Rose Jam and Reindeer Rock.

As a note to myself, I need to put Santa Baby in my makeup bag, else Im going to keep reaching for Ruby Woo as my default red lip! When I swatched Santa Baby on my hand I couldnt get over how pigmented it is!!



I’ve used Christingle and love it, it’s brilliant for those days when I’m running out of time and dint have to skimp on moisturiser (as it’s a body conditioner!) it smells and feels amazing. It was also brilliant for all the travelling I’ve done this month. Was able to pamper myself.

And i used my first Lush bath bomb: Sparkly Pumpkin. I was so impressed with it. Using just half of it (I broke the other half off for my mum, she works hard and deserves a pamper) I had the most divine smelling bathroom, with an abundance of colours and it turned the water orange!! And best of all, aside from how moisturised my skin felt afterwards, I didn’t end up covered in glitter.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Lush!


Some of these products were gifted to me, though  attending the event required no obligation to write this post. I wanted to share this with you because I was so impressed by Lush, the products I have used are amazing and Im very grateful for the invitation to such a fun event.

My Lust List: Skirts.

Once the weather starts to hint that winter is just around the corner, I don`t know about you but, all I want to wear is thick tights, a nice wool skirt and a big chunky jumper. It`s time for snuggle ready clothes and I am so happy about it. So I`ve been browsing a little trying to find that perfect wool skirt for the season and I`ve made a bit of mental list that I`m here to share.

Buttonsafe™ Wool Blend Checked Kilt Mini Skirt
Buttonsafe™ Wool Blend Checked Kilt Mini Skirt
A-Line Mini Skirt with New Wool
A-Line Mini Skirt with New Wool

These two are both Marks and Spencer so you know they`re going to be of the highest quality. I love the wraparound of the first skirt reminds of a kilt a little and the second is just such a classic silhouette you just know it`ll never go out of style.

Wraparound skirt
Wraparound skirt

This H&M number is a perfect with or without tights skirt. I can see it with a black or grey v neck t shirt and some big combat or biker boots and a leather jacket.

Black Tartan Check Mini Skirt
Black Tartan Check Mini Skirt

And finally a fun tartan piece from New Look. This is just made for a polo neck jumper and some Chelsea boots.

So these are the skirts I`m currently trying to be strong and not buy. But give me a few weak evenings and I`ll probably have them all by the end of the month.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂