Lush Plymouth event: Winter Is Coming


So roughly a month ago I was invited to a special event, Lush Plymouth‘s Winter is Coming launch night. Aside from the enthusiasm of the staff I was really impressed by this event from one main reason: I am a Lush newbie, and I learnt so much about this brand in a couple hours! The night started with waiting outside with the other bloggers, staring though the windows and watching the staff play with Fairy Dust and First Snow, and hoping for the doors to open. Once inside we were given personalised Lush cups and given free reign in the store to see and touch all the new products.


Our first activity was a competition, we were split into teams and tasked with using Fun to create a Santa or Snowman in a very short period time. Fun would be an amazing gift for a young, or arty relative. As I’m typing this I’m thinking about how good it would be for younger sister (who is in her 20’s)!

We were then taken through each product category with a chance to smell and learn about the new launches. Bath bombs, shower products, soaps, face masks, makeup, gifts as the night went on we all got more and more excited about the new releases.

Here are a few of the stand out bits from the night for me:

Magic Wand
Five Gold Rings

And before we left Lush were generous enough to give us a basket to create our own goody bags. I picked up: Christingle, Santa Baby, Yog Nog and Sparkly Pumpkin. I also purchased Rose Jam and Reindeer Rock.

As a note to myself, I need to put Santa Baby in my makeup bag, else Im going to keep reaching for Ruby Woo as my default red lip! When I swatched Santa Baby on my hand I couldnt get over how pigmented it is!!



I’ve used Christingle and love it, it’s brilliant for those days when I’m running out of time and dint have to skimp on moisturiser (as it’s a body conditioner!) it smells and feels amazing. It was also brilliant for all the travelling I’ve done this month. Was able to pamper myself.

And i used my first Lush bath bomb: Sparkly Pumpkin. I was so impressed with it. Using just half of it (I broke the other half off for my mum, she works hard and deserves a pamper) I had the most divine smelling bathroom, with an abundance of colours and it turned the water orange!! And best of all, aside from how moisturised my skin felt afterwards, I didn’t end up covered in glitter.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Lush!


Some of these products were gifted to me, though  attending the event required no obligation to write this post. I wanted to share this with you because I was so impressed by Lush, the products I have used are amazing and Im very grateful for the invitation to such a fun event.

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