This last month in books: five different stories

I read a crazy number of books this month…

I am a book hoarder, and I tend to re-read books I enjoy. If I donate a book (I will never throw away a book unless it is unreadable, even if it’s a Jodie Picoult and the conclusion makes me so angry) it’s because I will never read it again. The first place I look when I get to a charity shop is the books, then the clothes. I must have 100 books, around 50% of which I’m yet to read. So,entires this hoarding is amazing (so many choices), other times it’s an inconvenience (lots of books take up lots of space).

One of the ways I attempt to control this hoarding is with a Kindle. I don’t notice any discernible difference between the two mediums in the experience of reading. The biggest benefit of owning a kindle for me is that this small device can potentially store hundreds of books, minimising the physical space they take up and reducing the weight I carry around on a daily basis. I have a tendency to hoard Kindle books also, i browse the monthly and daily deals and download books I’ve wanted to read and buy them whilst they’re on offer. 

This Kindle stock piling served me well, as I read Miss Peregrine, our book club read, in about a week, and needed something enganging quickly afterwards as a balm. As an aside, I read the majority of the Mindy Kaling novel and Sue Monk King novel whilst in Amsterdam, travelling I find goes hand in hand with a good book. In a normal month, three is normally the meaximum number of books I could read

Miss Peregrine’s School For Peculiar Children: Ransom Riggs

This was a book club read. It was such a disappointing book for me, that it spurred my reading to cleanse my mind of it’s lacking. The novel had potential, but it ended at an odd point, and left a lot of questions. Only one book clubber was a fan! The story is about a young teen who afternl his grandfather passing away in a dramatic situation, travels to a Welsh island to explore his grandfather’s past armed with a box of odd photographs. This New York Times Bestsellers is being made into a film, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

£5.12      2/5

The Miniaturist: Jessie Burton

 This was the antithesis to Miss Peregrine. I’d been putting off reading it, as for I thought it was a story of a wife having an affair with a Miniaturist, I was so wrong! The novel is a story of secrets, dreams, social order and secrets. If you enjoyed Rebecca I would recommend this novel, it has the same themes of being an outsider in a large house with secrets and rules surrounding you but that’s as far as the comparison goes. I struggled to put this book down, and spent the interim discussing different themes with my friend Katie who had already read it. It’s the story of a young girl who marries an older rich and successful man, and weeks after the wedding moves in with him, his sister and thier servants. It’s a house full of whispers and secrets, of feeling unfulfilled and dreams.

£2.84       4/5

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling

I bought this because I loved the title. I’ve never watched anything with Mindy in it but the clips I’ve seen for The Mindy Project look amazing. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this one, but I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see into someone’s childhood and the story of how they built themselves up professionally. I enjoyed the book, but it would be back to the charity shop if it was a physical book.

£4.99      3/5

The Secret Life Of Bees: Sue Monk Kid

Another case of misunderstanding, I thought this was a feminist novel. Not a clue where I got that idea from. What it is instead is a story of a young white girl who runs away from home to find out more about her mums past. It is set during the American Civil Rights Movement and focuses on this little girl coming to know herself whilst caring for Bees and living with three Black sisters, and her maid. It’s interesting and fill of mystery and secrets. Fans of The Help would enjoy this. (

£3.99      4/5

The One That Got Away: Simon Wood

This was an easy read, the sort of thing you take one leave behind. It’s a story about a woman escaping a serial killer but leaving her friend behind. Aside from the guilt she feels at her actions, the killers finds her again. It was an easy book to finish the month off with, if your a fan of Criminal Minds like me, you’d probably enjoy this!

£3.98     2/5

I have read exactly two pages so far this month. 7 days ago we chose our new book club read: The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens and Im finding it hard to get into, not that ive particularly tried, im two pages in. Ive finished one magazine this week, thats the most taxing read ive provided myself with. Though if we’d gone with World War Z or Night Circus I would probably have finished the book already… Not at all bitter…

This is not a sponsored post, I like books and simply wanted to share another post on the topic.

Most of  the instagram pictures are other people’s images that were public, I have embedded them to share some of my favourite images. The copyright belongs to the owner of the image and not me.

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