Lunch in the Riverford Field Kitchen

I was recently able to visit Riverford Field Kitchen fir the first time. I was quite excited by this opportunity as I’m a bit of a fussy eater, I don’t eat red meat. So the opportunity to eat at an establishment that champions local seasonal produce wherever available was a win for me.

Walking into the Resturant you struggle not to be impressed, the walls were decorated with dried items from previous harvests or imports. The tables and chairs were natural wood, with a very open kitchen and friendly staff. The crockery also had me the minute they layed the table, mismatched vintage plates!


We were shown to our tables and this is where the dining experience begins, the food is served family style, so each plate is passed around, and serve yourself from. Aside from being a change from the norm, this seemed a very efficient way of utilising servers time as they only deliver plates to the table once, and those plates are from a set menu so everyone in the party had the same thing.

The starters were roasted and carrots, and a plate of curly kale and cheese. I’ve tried kale before and not been overly impressed, but this I enjoyed immensely. My favourite of the two dishes by far was the carrot one, I love carrots and pickles separately so a combination of the two was a perfect dish for me.

The main dish was a bit of a let down for me, it comprised of preserved tomatoes with hard cheese shavings and some form of tortilla, I expected it to be hot and the cheese to melt into the different items but it was a cold dish. Luckily the sides were amazing: a parsnip and almond puree which was the saving grace for me (seconds and thirds were had), the second side wasnt overly impressive. The meat option went down well with the other other diners!

And desert was the best part, the table go to the kitchen and are shown all the options. I chose a cheese cake and a baked chocolate moose (like I’d chose anything else). I need to learn to make that chocolate moose, it was very rich but still very light as you’d expect from a moose. I need that recipe!

Overal I loved my visit to Riverford, I’d love to go again and try a different vegetation option for my main as I think i was unlucky with this visit. All in all I was really happy and would recommend this resturant to anyone looking for something different to the norm!


-This is a stand alone post,  I have no affiliation with Riverford aside from an admiration of the brand, and obviously thier food.

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