Afternoon tea at Rumpus Cosy, the Christmas #PlymouthBlogMeet

So I’m currently sat at my computer, day dreaming about Rumpus Cosy, and the last Plymouth Blog Meet. The lovely Ellie, went out of her way to organise a Christmas Meet for us earlier in December, and it was such a special and intimate event.

When I got to Rumpus Cosy, I was the last to arrive, which seems to be a developing trend as of late! I sat down with everyone and just caught up on what had been happening in everyone’s likes since the last blog meet. We were all really impressed with the venue before we had sampled any of thier wares as it’s such a charming place. Tea cups, side plates and cake forks were at our place settings with jars of flowers, next to me was a beautiful teal wall with gold paint detail and theatre style seating. When I return, I feel this would be the perfect back drop for a selfie!

We has a chance to look at the menu before the event, and I had decided on the cranberry bubbles, but when we were given the option of Hot Chocolate that went out the window.

Have you seen a more photogenic tray of hot chocolates?  Because I definelty haven’t! You selected the amount of marshmallows you wanted and then poured your hot milk into your cup of melted chocolate, and there you are: a gorgeously chocolaty hot drink.

At this point Ellie passed our Christmas cards for us, caricature hand drawn Christmas cards from thr very talented Aloha lola cards. I have been showing this card to anyone and everyone. It was such a sweet touch, and would be a very special touch for a friend or loved ones birthday.



Then the food came, covered in fairy lights! After we had all taken our share of photos, Sam and I had three plates of treats to share between us. Everything from a Yorkshire pudding filled with turkey and cranberries to mini macaroons. And whilst we were.sampling our treats Ellie passed around another treat for each of us, a bag filled with hair bows from Prairie Charms. I selected a red plaid style bow and put it in my hair immediately, the simple clip made it easy to position. I’ve made hair bows before but this was on another level, it’s very professionally made.


It was lovely to see a few local bloggers before 2016 comes around, and Ellie is so good at these event. If your a blogger, or thinking about blogging make sure to get in touch with her.

A few of the other lovely bloggers at the event:

Milly Day Dreams
Pretty In Peep Toes
Sleek Chic
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Becca Jane
Ellie Mae
Sally Bell


No 7 Match Made Service In Boots, Plymouth Drake Circus. Review

When this post goes up, Christmas will be a day away! I will be going out to an early dinner with my family and seeing the pantomime at The Theatre Royal, hopefully persuading everyone that we need a Cointreau Hot Chocolate from The Treasury before our journey home.

Now, back to the post and away from my Christmasy excitement! Recently we were invited by No7 at Drakes Circus to experience thier Match Made Service at a private lock in event. No7 is an established brand that any beauty fanaticcan recognise, partially from its very body positive and female friendly image, and secondly from its placement in Boots Stores, its a counter I walk past regularly and havent graviated towards overly for a while.


When I first got into makeup at roughly age nineteen, I went to No7 as it was an afforable brand where I could get advice on an area that was very unknown to me. I stopped visiting No7 as they discontinued the foundation I was fond of, and from here started sampling other brands both high and low end. Realisitically I owe a lot of my make up knowledge to them for these foundation years. Thier brushes, alongside Real Techniques are ones I use everytime I do my makeup, and my blush brush at eight years old is still perfect and shed free.



Anyway, we were welcomed to the event by the lovely ladies from No7 and had a little catch up whilst we wiated for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, this one was particularly exciting for me as Sally could join me. This was her first blogger event, and our first shared one. The table was set up beautiful, with hand written name tags, gift bags and the most beautiful tea cups for us to drink from and plates of snacks. After an over view of No7 as a brand, which is almost as old as Boots itself and started as a skin care brand, we were intorduced to the Match Made Service.


The Match Made Service is unique to No7, and has been around for five years, it was inspired by decoraters and painters and is an incredibly unique system. the handhels device in the image above, takes 200 photos using LED lights which is repeated twice along a cleansed jawline so to get the most accurate reading. The device was tested originally on hundreds of different skin tones so to create a strong profile to build upon. From here they developed seventeen different shades, when you consider that there are also twleve different types of foundation to chose from No7 have a huge range to select from.

My lipstick options, I opted for Rose Berry Moisture Drench.

This is where the Match Made Service comes in handy, your shade is identified (I was calico), and after a couple questions about your preferences a foundation type is recommended. This is the first time ive hand my make up done for while, and having my face cleansed was suprisingly relaxing. It helped that No7 has such lovely friendly employees, I was put at ease and we discussed everything from Disney to lipstick preferences and makeup tips. For instance, as the foundation was being applied I leaned that you use downwards brush strokes so not to disturb the small hairs on your face.

Another really special thing about this service is that they are more than happy to go back to the beginning and change something up. If your not a fan of the coverage level, you can try a different base. If the lipstick shade isnt “you” , they’re happy to switch it up and let you see a different one on yourself.

My very moody selfie after experiencing the Match Made Service

Above is a less moody selfie with Ellie, we were both matched as Callico (like several of the bloggers at the event), and I think this is a lovely example of the subtle differences between the same base recommendation. I think I will be popping in to get this foundation as aside from my Rimmel bottle running out, I cant get over how good a match this was for my skin tone.

I loved the finished look, I’d like to play around a bit more with blushes avaiable as I felt this was a little too warm for me, but aside from this I thought this was the most natually pretty my skin had looked in the longest time. The Match Made Service is perfect for a post Christmas treat, especially if your looking to refresh your look. If your looking for a treat, where you can leave with a couple samples and not too much pressure for a sale they would be worth visiting. Especially if you consider the Plymouth Branch has a private area slightly away from the rest of the store, so you can feel comfortable even without your makeup on.

Before we left the event we were given some goodie bags, with a couple gift packs and a small burlap sack with skin care products matched to the needs we discussed prior to the event with Chlo. Im not going to show you whats inside the gift packs, incase you get them as a gift tomorrow! The cracker is part of a set, and the pyramid is a gift with purchase so they could even be gifts to yourself.



Did you want to read a different perspective on this? You could read Sally’s from a couple weeks earlier. A few of my fellow bloggers from the evening who documented the night: Ellie, Nicole, Rhain, Sam and Elle.

Now this post isnt sponsored, this is exactly the level of service you would recieve from visiting any No7 counter. I was gifted a couple bits, which Im incredibly grateful for, but there was no expectation to produce a post for this. I really wanted to share this experience, and pass along my recommendation for visiting one of these counters.

– Emily

Crafting for Christmas. Making Bunting.

I have always loved one of a kind, hand made crafts. The fact that they are so personal and made with such love makes them so much more beautiful to me. Now I`ve never been particularly creative but luckily I have an amazing mother who is extremely talented when it comes to all things textiles. So with mother keeping an eye on me, I attempted to make my first ever lot of bunting.


*DISCLAIMER* I got a good way through and forgot to take photos so there will be a gap but I will try my best to fill it in with words.



First thing I did was get an example of bunting that my mum had made to use as a guide but you could always just use anything triangular shaped or go free hand.


Then I traced around it to create my pattern for my own bunting making sure to leave a seam allowance.


This will be the pattern to use for cutting out the fabric and it can be kept for making more bunting at a later date.


Next choose your fabric. I got these three from a local haberdashery shop and they were nice and cheap as they were run offs.


Folding over the fabric for when you cut out the pattern just makes life easier as you will need two lots of fabric for each bit of bunting.


Keep cutting out until you run out of fabric.


Place two bits of fabric with the pattern sides facing each other as you will need to sew inside out. Now ids where I stopped taking photos because I`m super useful but from there you would pin the fabric in place and head to your sewing machine.

From there you sew all the way around the outside leaving a gap of about 4cm on one of the sides of the triangle so that you can turn it back to the right way round. Once you have turned it inside out to the pattern facing out cut some red ribbon into lengths of 10cm fold in half and place in the hole that is left.

Sew up the hole with the ribbon inside to make it look like the trunk of a Christmas tree.


Find some fabric or ribbon that you want the bunting for hang from and attach using a button to look like the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Tidy up all the stray bits of thread and repeat the process for all the bits of fabric you have cut out until your bunting is complete.


And there you have it, a quick little guide to the worlds simplest bunting. Let me know if you try it out.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Make at 140 Vauxhall Street

So this is my second post on a coffee shop in Plymouth and I’m feeling like I may need to make this a seris? Though if that’s the case, I should probably visit places other than just Sutton Harbour. I’m far too in love with this part of Plymouth.

Anyway, I spotted Make at 140 Vauxhall Street a few weeks ago, and I am a bit of a crafter. Nothing too crazy, I’ve knitted a couple (awful) scarves, made a skirt I wear regularly and I really enjoy scrapbooking.  The idea of visiting a retail outlet for crafting and grabbing a coffee in house afterwards appealed to me on so many levels.

I popped in with a friend, and after looking at everything (I need a felting brooch kit), I realised I should snap a few pictures and maybe order the drinks we popped in for. I considered going for a hot chocolate, but I was tempted instead by the Nutcracker Mocha, a festive coffee/chocolate drink with: cream, chocolate drops and a tiny meringue on the saucer. I want another one now…

It was delicious, im not the biggest hot drink person, I’ve just started to appreciate herbal teas and coffee but I couldn’t recommend the Nutcacker Mocha enough. My friend had an Earl Grey tea which she enjoyed, but was a touch too cool for her. Though the fact were planning to visit again, shows how special the place is.

The cafe can be broken down into four areas: you have the retail space which is full of material, ribbons, potential projects and generally beautiful items. You have the order desk where all the cakes ate there to tempt you alongside your drinks order. There’s the seating areas, full of beautiful soft furnishing, tabled decor and adoreable mismatched chairs. And around the corner is a workshop space.

Before we left, I spoke to a staff member who turned our to the cafe owner and she explained how they’re planning on running skills based and more fun workshops (like the sold out Christmas wreath class). I love talking to people who are passionate about thier business, there are few things purer than a small business owner making thier present and future thier own. She was kind enough to give USB few leaflets for a free coffee which I shared with my colleagues and I will be visiting again before the new year with my boyfriend mum, who I blogged about visiting the Hobbycraft Fair with back in September.

I love finding cafes and restaurants that aren’t chains, and I especially love Sutton Harbour, as you may have noticed from our instagram feed.


Once again, notably sponsored or affiliated post, I just wanted to share this place with you. If you visit, or have any recommendations for me please pass them along!

15 of My Favourite Feelings.

I know I`ve been a little bit all over the place, but December has been a very stressful month. I`ve been applying for teacher training courses and have had interviews and its not an easy process. So I need a slightly less high maintenance post so here you have 15 of my favourite feelings.

  1. Finding a tenner in my coat pocket.
  2. Making my nephew laugh…that smile.
  3. When you FINALLY pop a stubborn spot.
  4. Being that one person your friend can talk to.
  5. When everyone loves what you`ve cooked.
  6. When you achieve that flawless base.
  7. The first glass of Diet Coke after a long day.
  8. Driving into work knowing that I love my job.
  9. The goosebumps you get when a song really hits home.
  10. Making my mum and dad proud.
  11. Wearing pjs, in no make up and no bra feeling beautiful.
  12. The quiet of a cricket ground before the crowds enter.
  13. Being in the arms of the man (or person) you love knowing he truly loves you.
  14. Being one of the lads when you`re a girl.
  15. Knowing that I am a kick ass woman and the best me I can be.

Sorry this is a little short but I have to get back to interview preparation.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂


50 Happy Things


So I have borrowed this from Alice of Wooden Windowsills, I saw her tweet about it in my half asleep daze yesterday morning and said to myself: yes! I must daydream and be wistful to wake up fully. I stayed pretty dozy, but it made me happy

  1. Unexpectedly bumping into friends and family.
  2. Going for coffee with Hannah, and neither of us being able to stay on one conversational track for any period of time.
  3. #PlymouthBlogMeet and any form of blogger event: talking Makeup, Beauty, and Fashion to other people who are equally obsessed? Perfection!
  4. Finding a chocolate bar in my backpack id forgotten about.
  5. New magazines at the start of the month.
  6. Being given magazines by a friend when her workplace replace theirs with the newer issues.
  7. The new design Cosmopolitan Magazine, seems to be knocking Glamour off my top spot.
  8. Starting a new book and falling in love with it.
  9. Book Club.
  10. Knowing that if I don’t like my new book, my kindle is full of books I do love.
  11. Rereading any of the Harry Potter novels.
  12. Pinterest
  13. Winter sunrises on clear mornings.
  14. Living by the water.
  15. Working by the water.
  16. Good films, whether that’s a trip to the cinema or watching Rocky Horror for the hundredth time.
  17. When Matt sends me photos from his dog walks, including updates on the swans and their cygnets.
  18. Hanging out with my sister and acting our weird and random selves.
  19. When the bus is on time and the bus driver is happy, and there is no one I know on the bus so I can sit quietly at the back and read.
  20. When I get home from work and someone has made me tea, whether its hot or leftovers ❤
  21. Not having to buy a meal deal, as I made a packed lunch the night before.
  22. The OC.
  23. Breaking up my workday by grabbing a coffee or lunch with a friend.
  24. Making the working week more exciting because I have after work plans with friends.
  25. When my dog gets so excited to see someone she starts shaking and squeaking and wagging her tail.
  26. Cornish beaches (though Devon beaches are also lovely)
  27. A warm mug of peppermint tea.
  28. When you climb into bed, after the hassle that is changing the sheets.
  29. When you wake up after falling asleep on a coach or bus journey, to discover you haven’t been snoring.
  30. Baking brownies. The smell of the chocolate butter, then the kitchen when theyre baking away in the oven, being able to share them and freeze some for another day.
  31. Baking anything really.
  32. When the event ive worked so hard on and stressed out over goes smoothly and everyone looks happy.
  33. When I meet someone else who’s studied my degree subject, or works in that industry. I get far too excited!
  34. Running a blog with a friend I truly value, and who is equally obsessed with all things bloggy.
  35. Joining twitter chats where people value your input and you bounce ideas off each other.
  36. Charity shopping. An aladins palace of a shop where you can find fashion from different decades, books, homeware, and the most random of things for less than a tenner? Perfect!
  37. Car boot sales, well worth an early start to look for bargins or just have a little peak into peoples lives.
  38. Miss Ivy Events: single handedly developing my vintage style by providing access to amazing stalls and inspirations.
  39. Watching American Horror Story, episode by episode with my brother.
  40. Finding someone else who has the same random obsessions or loves as I do (Horror films, Steven King, The OC…)
  41. Matt cuddling me.
  42. When I get a hug from my family, especially when I persuade my brother to hug me.
  43. Seeing old friends, and feeling like no time has passed.
  44. When you pull an outfit together, and you look amazing in it.
  45. Photos on your camera roll that take you back (such as these from this spring, or my graduation party photos)
  46. When I have a migrane and all I want to do is cry in a dark room and be cuddled, and Matt is very obliging.
  47. That smile when someone is genuinely happy to see you.
  48. This quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t: your right.” Henry Ford

  49. Or this quote: “Do or do not. There is no Try.” Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back

  50. Writing a blog post about all the best things in life and it really perking up your day! (stolen from Alice)

I feel as If i’ve completed one of those old facebook or myspace surverys. Im not going to tag anyone, but if youve completed this (or one like it) please post the link in the comments below, I’d love to read it!



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For the Love of Leopard Print.

One thing you need to know about me is that I love leopard print. I will pretty much buy anything if it comes in leopard print. I`ve always had a pretty sizeable part of my wardrobe dedicated to leopard print since I was about 14. Now, I know that some people find it tacky and a bit crass but I just can`t get enough of it. I find it both sexy and sassy which are my two favourite things to be. So here is a quick look around my current leopard print clothing collection…


DSC_0009 (2)
H&M slip on trainers.
DSC_0010 (3)
ASOS platform brogues.
DSC_0011 (2)
H&M high waisted shorts.
H&M slouchy trousers.
DSC_0013 (2)
H&M jumper.
H&M slacks.


And just for good measure here`s a quick snap I took on Halloween of myself dressed as a leopard, mainly because it meant I didn`t have to buy anything new.




So, please let me know if you also share my very real and very bank balance destroying obsession with leopard print.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂