50 Happy Things


So I have borrowed this from Alice of Wooden Windowsills, I saw her tweet about it in my half asleep daze yesterday morning and said to myself: yes! I must daydream and be wistful to wake up fully. I stayed pretty dozy, but it made me happy

  1. Unexpectedly bumping into friends and family.
  2. Going for coffee with Hannah, and neither of us being able to stay on one conversational track for any period of time.
  3. #PlymouthBlogMeet and any form of blogger event: talking Makeup, Beauty, and Fashion to other people who are equally obsessed? Perfection!
  4. Finding a chocolate bar in my backpack id forgotten about.
  5. New magazines at the start of the month.
  6. Being given magazines by a friend when her workplace replace theirs with the newer issues.
  7. The new design Cosmopolitan Magazine, seems to be knocking Glamour off my top spot.
  8. Starting a new book and falling in love with it.
  9. Book Club.
  10. Knowing that if I don’t like my new book, my kindle is full of books I do love.
  11. Rereading any of the Harry Potter novels.
  12. Pinterest
  13. Winter sunrises on clear mornings.
  14. Living by the water.
  15. Working by the water.
  16. Good films, whether that’s a trip to the cinema or watching Rocky Horror for the hundredth time.
  17. When Matt sends me photos from his dog walks, including updates on the swans and their cygnets.
  18. Hanging out with my sister and acting our weird and random selves.
  19. When the bus is on time and the bus driver is happy, and there is no one I know on the bus so I can sit quietly at the back and read.
  20. When I get home from work and someone has made me tea, whether its hot or leftovers ❤
  21. Not having to buy a meal deal, as I made a packed lunch the night before.
  22. The OC.
  23. Breaking up my workday by grabbing a coffee or lunch with a friend.
  24. Making the working week more exciting because I have after work plans with friends.
  25. When my dog gets so excited to see someone she starts shaking and squeaking and wagging her tail.
  26. Cornish beaches (though Devon beaches are also lovely)
  27. A warm mug of peppermint tea.
  28. When you climb into bed, after the hassle that is changing the sheets.
  29. When you wake up after falling asleep on a coach or bus journey, to discover you haven’t been snoring.
  30. Baking brownies. The smell of the chocolate butter, then the kitchen when theyre baking away in the oven, being able to share them and freeze some for another day.
  31. Baking anything really.
  32. When the event ive worked so hard on and stressed out over goes smoothly and everyone looks happy.
  33. When I meet someone else who’s studied my degree subject, or works in that industry. I get far too excited!
  34. Running a blog with a friend I truly value, and who is equally obsessed with all things bloggy.
  35. Joining twitter chats where people value your input and you bounce ideas off each other.
  36. Charity shopping. An aladins palace of a shop where you can find fashion from different decades, books, homeware, and the most random of things for less than a tenner? Perfect!
  37. Car boot sales, well worth an early start to look for bargins or just have a little peak into peoples lives.
  38. Miss Ivy Events: single handedly developing my vintage style by providing access to amazing stalls and inspirations.
  39. Watching American Horror Story, episode by episode with my brother.
  40. Finding someone else who has the same random obsessions or loves as I do (Horror films, Steven King, The OC…)
  41. Matt cuddling me.
  42. When I get a hug from my family, especially when I persuade my brother to hug me.
  43. Seeing old friends, and feeling like no time has passed.
  44. When you pull an outfit together, and you look amazing in it.
  45. Photos on your camera roll that take you back (such as these from this spring, or my graduation party photos)
  46. When I have a migrane and all I want to do is cry in a dark room and be cuddled, and Matt is very obliging.
  47. That smile when someone is genuinely happy to see you.
  48. This quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t: your right.” Henry Ford

  49. Or this quote: “Do or do not. There is no Try.” Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back

  50. Writing a blog post about all the best things in life and it really perking up your day! (stolen from Alice)

I feel as If i’ve completed one of those old facebook or myspace surverys. Im not going to tag anyone, but if youve completed this (or one like it) please post the link in the comments below, I’d love to read it!



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