Make at 140 Vauxhall Street

So this is my second post on a coffee shop in Plymouth and I’m feeling like I may need to make this a seris? Though if that’s the case, I should probably visit places other than just Sutton Harbour. I’m far too in love with this part of Plymouth.

Anyway, I spotted Make at 140 Vauxhall Street a few weeks ago, and I am a bit of a crafter. Nothing too crazy, I’ve knitted a couple (awful) scarves, made a skirt I wear regularly and I really enjoy scrapbooking.  The idea of visiting a retail outlet for crafting and grabbing a coffee in house afterwards appealed to me on so many levels.

I popped in with a friend, and after looking at everything (I need a felting brooch kit), I realised I should snap a few pictures and maybe order the drinks we popped in for. I considered going for a hot chocolate, but I was tempted instead by the Nutcracker Mocha, a festive coffee/chocolate drink with: cream, chocolate drops and a tiny meringue on the saucer. I want another one now…

It was delicious, im not the biggest hot drink person, I’ve just started to appreciate herbal teas and coffee but I couldn’t recommend the Nutcacker Mocha enough. My friend had an Earl Grey tea which she enjoyed, but was a touch too cool for her. Though the fact were planning to visit again, shows how special the place is.

The cafe can be broken down into four areas: you have the retail space which is full of material, ribbons, potential projects and generally beautiful items. You have the order desk where all the cakes ate there to tempt you alongside your drinks order. There’s the seating areas, full of beautiful soft furnishing, tabled decor and adoreable mismatched chairs. And around the corner is a workshop space.

Before we left, I spoke to a staff member who turned our to the cafe owner and she explained how they’re planning on running skills based and more fun workshops (like the sold out Christmas wreath class). I love talking to people who are passionate about thier business, there are few things purer than a small business owner making thier present and future thier own. She was kind enough to give USB few leaflets for a free coffee which I shared with my colleagues and I will be visiting again before the new year with my boyfriend mum, who I blogged about visiting the Hobbycraft Fair with back in September.

I love finding cafes and restaurants that aren’t chains, and I especially love Sutton Harbour, as you may have noticed from our instagram feed.


Once again, notably sponsored or affiliated post, I just wanted to share this place with you. If you visit, or have any recommendations for me please pass them along!

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