Afternoon tea at Rumpus Cosy, the Christmas #PlymouthBlogMeet

So I’m currently sat at my computer, day dreaming about Rumpus Cosy, and the last Plymouth Blog Meet. The lovely Ellie, went out of her way to organise a Christmas Meet for us earlier in December, and it was such a special and intimate event.

When I got to Rumpus Cosy, I was the last to arrive, which seems to be a developing trend as of late! I sat down with everyone and just caught up on what had been happening in everyone’s likes since the last blog meet. We were all really impressed with the venue before we had sampled any of thier wares as it’s such a charming place. Tea cups, side plates and cake forks were at our place settings with jars of flowers, next to me was a beautiful teal wall with gold paint detail and theatre style seating. When I return, I feel this would be the perfect back drop for a selfie!

We has a chance to look at the menu before the event, and I had decided on the cranberry bubbles, but when we were given the option of Hot Chocolate that went out the window.

Have you seen a more photogenic tray of hot chocolates?  Because I definelty haven’t! You selected the amount of marshmallows you wanted and then poured your hot milk into your cup of melted chocolate, and there you are: a gorgeously chocolaty hot drink.

At this point Ellie passed our Christmas cards for us, caricature hand drawn Christmas cards from thr very talented Aloha lola cards. I have been showing this card to anyone and everyone. It was such a sweet touch, and would be a very special touch for a friend or loved ones birthday.



Then the food came, covered in fairy lights! After we had all taken our share of photos, Sam and I had three plates of treats to share between us. Everything from a Yorkshire pudding filled with turkey and cranberries to mini macaroons. And whilst we were.sampling our treats Ellie passed around another treat for each of us, a bag filled with hair bows from Prairie Charms. I selected a red plaid style bow and put it in my hair immediately, the simple clip made it easy to position. I’ve made hair bows before but this was on another level, it’s very professionally made.


It was lovely to see a few local bloggers before 2016 comes around, and Ellie is so good at these event. If your a blogger, or thinking about blogging make sure to get in touch with her.

A few of the other lovely bloggers at the event:

Milly Day Dreams
Pretty In Peep Toes
Sleek Chic
Style and Splurging
Becca Jane
Ellie Mae
Sally Bell


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