Falling in love with Jo Malone, and Wild Bluebell Cologne

I wanted to introduce you to my favourite perfume, Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne. After seeing so many other beauty bloggers and youtubers wax lyrical about Jo Malone I decided I wanted to investigate the brand, and on my trip to Cardiff I popped into a store. I spoke to a one of the assistants who guided me through a few of the more popular scents, and I applied some Peony and Blush and left the store to see how long the scent would last. Im also a bit of a perfume snob,  I opt for an eau de parfum over an eau de toilette as I feel the scent is stronger and lasts longer, and in this case the Jo Malone Cologne lasted for ages! On my second to last trip to London, I made time for a visit to Covent Garden, and of course the Jo Malone store. Though feeling very fond of Peony and Blush the main thing I was looking for was a light and uncomplicated scent, the first recommendation was Wild Bluebell, and after testing a couple of other scents I knew I was onto a winner.


I suffer from migraines and headaches, and they are both strongly triggered by scent. This has stopped me from wearing perfume of late. When I explained this to the assistant in Jo Malone she was incredibly helpful and understanding. The stores operate in a very relaxed non sales focused manner, and I was offered the opportunity to book in for a hand massage at a later date, something not so applicable being based this far away. After taking a few of my details, the perfume was boxed up beautifully with a ribbon, and placed in a larger bag with a few samples which I saved for my later trips away and made them extra special. Orange Blossom has been quietly tempting me since I finished the body lotion sample.


If you have yet to experience Jo Malone I cannot recommend visiting a store enough, it’s a wonderful experience. On the day I’d visited the store a careless person had managed to pour the entirely of their fresh cup of coffee down my back in a cafe, so I was definitely in need of a pick me up. Crying in public is embarrassing enough, especially when everyone pretends nothings happened!


I have had so many compliments on this scent, and it puts a smile on my face every time I catch it. I tend to spritz it on my collar bone, behind my ears and on the ends of my hair. The hair is a special trick, every time I flick my hair I can smell it, and hair manages to hold a scent really well! I’ve also leant it to my sister, mum and my partners mum and it smells just as perfect on all of them.


Next time your in Jo Malone give this beautifully simple and uncomplicated scent a try. I’ve had it since late September and would say I’ve used around a third of it!

What are you favourite perfumes?

– Emily

(Not sponsored, though it would be almost impossible to say no to Jo Malone if that opportunity arose. This perfume set me back £42 which was reason to pause initially, then I realise Miss Dior was about £50 when I last Purchased it)

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