Cinderella at Plymouth’s Theatre Royal, a show stolen by Buttons and The Fairy God Mother


When this goes live the Pantomime will be in Plymouth for another two days, as it finishes on the 16th. If you’ve yet to see it I can’t recommend the show highly enough, get yourself some last minute tickets if you can!

The pantomime is one of my families traditions, or started when I was very young and made my parents take me to a drama group. My earliest memory of them is “helping” my mum to make my costume for a scene where I was a poor child singing Food Glorious Food as part of a chorus, I also got to be a ballerina but I only remember the dress! When we moved house acting fell by the by, as the local drama group was incredibly over subscribed.

We did however keep going to pantomimes, solely as attendees and a Christmas Eve pantomime is a yearly thing. Previously the pantomimes we attended were by a group of committed amateurs but when they were no longer able to hold the show, we moved the the Theatre Royal. Over the last few years I haven’t been overly impressed by the Pantomime, it’s been enjoyable but pretty underwhelming, however this year was something else.

Since the marketing started popping up I’ve been printing out how though the show Is Cinderella, she is surprisinglyĀ absent from any of the posters. There’s a very obvious reason for this post show, it is Gok Wan and Paul Zeridin pantomime. They are the funniest duo I’ve seen on stage in the longest while. They have perfect comic timing and really seem to enjoy working together which makes watching them on stage so much better.

I think my favourite part of the show came near the end where the comic character, traditionally buttons, got everyone to sing a song. As a tradition after the first rendition, Paul had a few children on stage to introduce themselvesĀ before they sang by themselves, this is testament to how much of a family show it is he made a group of four children under the age of ten the most hilarious comic bunch. Be it squeaky foreheads or putting words into one of their mouths, he managed to make a token part of the pantomine very unique.

Gok on the other-hand, channelled his television persona from How To Look Good Naked fame, making Cinderella’s transformation about inner beauty as much as physical beauty. Any scene that Gok and Paul shared was enriched by them, as their comedy seemed more natural banter than scripted. I look forward to seeing more of Gok’s comedy in future.

If you feeling the January blues and you need a pick me up or you’re missing Christmas definitely take the chance to see the show what is there for the longest time.

Testament to theĀ PantomimesĀ hilarity


ApologiesĀ for the late post,Ā I’veĀ had this drafted for \a while and only just got the chance to Upload it.

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