What I’m Watching: The West Wing.

Let’s start with I love Netflix. And after discovering how to get onto the American Netflix I love it even more.

I’ve always been aware of The West Wing as a prestigious show from the amazing mind of Aaron Sorkin (basically a writing God). I’d been umming and arrring as to whether to watch and it had taken a back seat to some other greats (Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy etc) but eventually my curiosity won out and I am so happy it did.


Set in the West Wing of the White House (where the President works) and centred around the his staff. After powering through the first breathtaking season I have completely fallen in love with the characters and the fast, quippy pace that comes with Aaron Sorkin projects.


The above picture is of my boys Sam Seaborn (right) played by Rob Lowe and Josh Lyman (left) played by Bradley Whitford. These two have taken a firm grasp of my heart and if you watch The West Wing you will soon find out why. As well as these two beauties there are some absolutely captivating strong and well rounded female characters. From C.J. Cregg the press secretary played by Allison Janney to the First Lady played by Stockard Channing these women are beyond interesting and compelling and a thrill to watch.

Let me know if you’ve ever watched The West Wing or if you have any suggestion on what to watch next.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

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