Surviving The January Blues

January is a funny month, its cold and wet and comes directly after the incredibly exciting Christmas, it is the antithesis to December. Where before you we’re socialising, eating, buying and exchanging presenting, seeing friends and family you haven’t for months and just relaxing your now back to your daily slog. Everyone seems to be on a diet, and January often warrants the need to be more Frugal.

Below are a few of my tips and tricks for making January better, do you do any of these or have any tips you could pass along?



I seem to accumulate a lot of clothes, which is a bit silly as my professional and casual style are quite similar. Aside from when I’m on a dog walk, the biggest change will be wearing jeans in place of my smart trousers.

I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and anything I was meh about got moved to the donate pile. Anything that didn’t fit was gone, and anything I didn’t often wear was also gone.

I did the same thing with shoes, I threw out a couple pairs of boots which were poorly made and disintegrated in the rain, and a pair of heeled boots I never wear went to the charity shop. I need to do this with my entire shoe collection. Also my handbags.

This de-cluttering though made it a lot easier to see what I owned, what I wore often and what I’d neglected. I feel like I’m getting a bit more wear out of what I own. Its also a huge de stesser, I now own less stuff. Its easier to stay tidy and organised, and it makes me feel happier not having that messy corner or draw hanging over my head.



I have a tendency to either leave things to the last minute, or plan with tedious detail. The last two camping trips I organised for instance, had day-by-day itineraries and activity ideas. However, I digress.

I’ve been using my weekends to pull together and plan my weeks outfits. Baring in mind it takes almost an hour to get to and from my 9-5 job, and I’m not good at leaving by 5, this is a huge time saver.

I also make my meals and snacks the day before. I’m a fussy eater and choosing a meal deal everyday eats into both my lunch break and bank balance . By planning my lunch I endure I eat something I like every day, and my mornings are a bit easier.

I also use Sundays for planning outfits, sometimes I’ll theme it (clearly I was on a dress kick the week above), and others I’ll just chose my favourites. I’ll plan my outfits alongside my schedule, If I’m going to be arranging a room its a trousers and breton stripe top outfit, If my department are hosting visitors I’ll wear a smart dress. This easily saves me time, either for more sleep in the morning or to play about with make up.


I get annoyed and distracted easily. I also find other people’s discussions or impromptu desk side meetings very difficult to block out, so I often have my headphones in.

I create Playlists for the gym or the rare occasion I actually run, and having one for these moments at work helps. I have a Playlist of my new favourite songs, and some old classics, as well as an angry rock one and I flit between these. (I also have a Disney and musicals playlists but those are for moments of whimsy).

Hot Chocolate and Cake in Rumpus Cosy


Sometimes work can get you down, and to prevent this I plan fun things into my schedule. I’ll arrange lunches or times to meet for coffee with friends, effectively breaking up the work day, or giving you something to look forward to at the end of it.

People get busy, and everyone’s time poor but by grabbing a coffee with a friend once a week you get to spend time with someone you love and make your day that much more special. One of my favourite people to meet after work is my sister, we can be weird and giggly and then we catch the same bus home!

Make your time seem richer

Use the time you have for yourself to do something you love, or achieve a goal. For me right not that’s getting my driving licence, so I’m making time for an early morning lesson at weekends.

Another thing I’m making time for is de-cluttering. I accumulate stuff, and I’m very untidy. So putting an hour aside each weekend to tidy up and potentially reduce the amount of stuff I own helps me reset.

You don’t need to do something every weekend that you can brag about in the office on Monday, for me cuddling up watching a DVD or taking the dogs out helps to add value to my weekend. Valuing those moments helps me feel like I’ve really used my time.

January is still an awesome month though, for every wet day there’s a crisp evening walk. You might not be able to sunbathe, but the long nights are the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a Hot Chocolate and a boxset.

– Emily

I am aware I sound slightly obsessed with De-cluttering now. I probably am, I often chose not to engage in last minute social invitations because of “tidying”. I will probably never be a tidy person

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