Lifestyle Hack: How to make your mobile data last longer

I recently noticed that my mobile data was being used up incredibly fast, last month I had to buy a temporary upgrade, the only other times that happened in the period of this contract was when I had three interviews in London on the same month. The travel and lack of wi-fi meant I rinsed my allowance pretty quickly.

Going through your allowance is irritating and can be expensive, so I wanted to share my quick and easy hack to make my data (and pennies) last longer:

Switch to 3G

4G is better than 3G in the fact that its faster, it’s the difference between steaming a video on your phones data and the Wi-Fi at home. For what I use my phones data for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reading Blogs and general browsing I have no real need for super-fast mobile data so I’ll switch back to 3G.

Think of the difference between 4G and 3G as a tap filling a sink, 3G is half on and 4G is the tap fully on. Either way the skink will get filled the only delay is how quickly it will.

How to Switch to 3G

Android User:

  • Settings
  • Mobile Networks (Under More on a Sony)
  • Preffed network type
  • 3G (Preferred)/ 2G

Apple User:

  • Settings
  • Mobile
  • Voice & Data
  • Chose 3G
  • Click back through

You may need to soft reset your IPhone after this, press and hold the middle button and the power button until the apple sign appears. It restarts the device.

It’ll take a minute or so your phone to update, and you may need to restart the device but Ive found this has helped me to extend my data use massively.

Hope that helped!!

– Emily

If your having long term issues with this contact your service provider, there may be a longer term issue with your SIM card or potentially phone. They have a really high level of knowledge and will be a lot more helpful that this blog post 🙂

My Skin Secret Weapon: Sudocrem.

We all hate spots…like a lot. But when you just need them to dry up so you can get on with your day it can be impossible. Whatever you use either doesn’t dry the spot up or it does and takes all the skin around it with it. Now enter Sudocrem.

I discovered this wonder product whilst watching some YouTube videos (I can’t remember who though). So, when it was claimed that it would end all my pimple problems I ran out and bought some as soon as physically possible.


I’m still on the same tub I bought about 2 years ago, that cost me £2.50.


As it quite clearly states on the tub it’s designed for acne, so I felt safe using it on my skin. I dab a small amount onto a spot and usually leave it overnight. When I wake up the blemish is all dried out and significantly reduced in size and redness. On parts of my skin that have recently had blemishes or a just a little red I usually put a tiny layer on after a few days the redness or scar has almost completely disappeared.

Over the last few years Sudocrem has saved my bacon on numerous occasions and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. Plus rocking the Sudocrem look is badass.


Let me know your secret skin weapon or if you end up trying mine.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

This is the year I read Jane Eyre

This is a cheat, this is Secrets of the Tides as I cant find my physical copy of Jane Eyre!

I’m a big reader, and I always have been. My earliest memory is walking around a book fair at my first school with my mum. Traditionally if I don’t finish what I’m I’m reading I give up because I can’t get into a book. Jane Eyre is a different sort of beast all together. I’ve read this story four or five times and never managed to get past a certain part. Its not that I cant get into it, It would be on my favourites list, if I could only finish the thing!

The strangest thing about all of this, is that the first couple sections when Jane is living with her cousins, and her childhood at the school are amazing. Also when she starts as a governess and when she meets Adele are also parts I really enjoy. But something always seems to get in the way, and I get distracted, and I never know the fate of Jane and Mr Rochester.

I refuse to let myself watch any of the films until I’ve finished the book, as I want to experience the truest version of the story before I experience someone’s retelling. Which as a huge Mia Wasikowska is a very difficult temptation to resist.

This month I’m reading A Man Called Ove because of book club, and then there’s the Stephen King reading challenge I’ve set myself. But I will finish Jane Eyre

I have downloaded it on Kindle, and will read it in my downtime. Conveniently, now my commute time is increasing I will have much more time to read.

On A side note, I’m on Good reads, do you have a profile? and do you have a book like this that you’ve never been able to finish as much as you have wanted to?

– Emily

I Am Going On A Hair Journey.

Ok was scrolling through Pintrest a few months ago when I came across a new way to wash my hair. The article caught my eye because it was called, something along the lines of, ‘Wash Your Hair Just Once A Week.’ This caught my eye because I am lazy and I know it’s good for my hair to not wash it everyday.

The article explained that shampoos are detergents basically designed to strip your hair of its natural oils, that way it has over produce oils making your hair greasy so you wash it more. Therefore, driving up demand for shampoo…sneaky right?? Your hair makes these oils so it can clean itself stripping them on a daily basis is not healthy or cheap.

Their way around this is to use bicarbonate of soda and water solution as a shampoo and Apple cider vinegar and water solution as a conditioner. They claim it’ll make your hair healthier, able to wash it’s again and maybe even grow faster.

I’ve tried it and it’s weird. Washing your hair with no lather is really weird, but so far I can’t complain about the results. I would say if you want to try this method and you don’t use a hair oil start to, you’ll need it. And don’t worry after you rinse out the vinegar you can’t smell it anymore.

I’ll update you guys once I’ve got a few more miles on this method but so far I’m loving it.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Can I please have them all?

When this blog started, I wanted it to be just as much about personal style as beauty and other lifestyle bit (aka books). I realised the other day that the closest I came to a style piece, was this post on a wedding guest outfit.

So I’ve created a wish list, comprised of things I would buy if I wasn’t on a spending ban (I’m saving up for something big). I will probably relinquish and buy one of these, I already went a bit spendy in the Marks and Spencer Beauty hall on their Rosie for Autograph range which is oh so pretty, expect a haul/review post!

Anyway, these are the bits I fell in love with, and I think you’ll get a pretty good feel for my style here. These all seem to be striped, red or floral…


ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric

ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric £38.00

I already own one black and white striped ASOS dress, but that’s an off the shoulder full skirted one. I enjoy how simple and formal a shape this would be, I think it would be work appropriate but it may be a smidge short.

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress £28

Polka dots are a favourite I haven’t indulged in very much, the shape of this would show off any figure perfectly and with a little black blazer it would smarten it up in an instant.

New Look

White and Red Stripe Cropped Sweater £12.99

(top right of the grid of 4) I justify my love of this, partially from its price but secondly because the stripes are red and I own no tops with red stripes.

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt £24.99

This skirt is so beautiful. It’s a very full shape with an elasticated waistband and a slightly shorter under skirt. This I am genuinely in love with. It’s the mesh overlay and the shape, this would fit pretty seamlessly into my wardrobe, either in the navy or the equally lust worthy blush tone.

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer £24.99

I don’t know when I would wear this, but that tone of red is incredible!!

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt £19.99

I do not own a striped skirt, and a long white striped skirt that is almost a circle skirt style would also look incredible in my wardrobe. Im just going to sit here and look at this for a while.



This is a very formal striped skirt, I am probably least likely to buy this but its so pretty. It would smarten up the most basic of T-Shirts.



Not only is this beautiful (and yellow!!) but it has a very subtle funnel neck. A lovely piece, that may be slightly trend led, but is one of the most beautiful prints ive seen in a while.


This is so lovely, it combines layering with chambray and stripes which is perfection in my eyes.

River Island

Word cannot describe how sexy this top is!!!

I know that button through Denim A Line skirts are ten a penny right now, but Ive been feeling drawn to this skirt since I discovered it!


There we have it, the pieces Im obsessing over and a smidge of train of consciousness type description. What pieces are on your wish list? Have any of mine made their way to your list?


A good portion of these images are screen shoted from websites as there was no social media image, I did aim for these wherever possible. I own none of these images

Plymouth Guidhall Wedding Extravaganza Fair January 2016, Review and Reflection

I attended one of my first wedding fair the other week, now I have no real business attending a wedding fair. I’m not engaged to be married, I’m not a wedding planner, and I’m not advertising my services: I am however obsessed with weddings. The reason for my attendance at this fair was to accompany a very close friend who has recently gained a new fiancé, and acknowledging my obsession invited me along.


Weddings are a costly thing, but the whole wedding process seems the closest any normal person can get to a fairy tale. Its two people declaring their love for each other, to the world in a big way, and creating something truly beautiful as a way to share this union with the people most important to them. I just plain love weddings.

The wedding fair we attended was held at the Plymouth Guildhall and dubbed Wedding Extravaganza, and it definitely felt special. I’m a big fan of the Guildhall, as a child I would visit the antique fairs with my dad and of late I’ve loved it for two wildly different events: Devcon and Miss Ivy’s Vintage Fayres. These events are two I wait expectantly for, and it was amazing to experience the Guildhall in a different way.

Upon arrival brides to be were handed glasses of wine in champagne flutes and you were left to explore the fair. There were two fashion shows held on stage for wedding dresses, grooms suits and mother of the bride clothes. There was an abundance of inspiration and jumping off points, everything from wood carved place settings and table plans to miniature ponies. Hannah and I talked so long afterwards that my Mocha was ice cold by the time I got to it.

The event had a very relaxed and easy feel to it, aside from the fashion show I never felt in the way or overly aware of other attendees. The fair also started to die down around two ish, which seems polar opposites to the other events I have attended. It was a very grown up refined event. One of my personal highlights were when Hannah was discussing with a florist how lovely their roses were, and she was given the most beautiful luxurious rose to take home.

Can you get any dreamier than wildflowers in a teacup ontop of a pile of books?

The only downside to the fair was that it felt organised to sell stalls rather than cater to the needs of a recently engaged couple. Every other stand was cakes, dresses or photographers. There were no stationers, the cat walk shows neglected the more expansive wedding dress and repeated identical shows, the only option for favours was a charity asking to be considered for donations (a very worthy option to commemorate a lost one on your day). As special and exciting as the event felt, when I left there seemed to be a lot missing, though this could be my experience in events impacting it.

The fair was special, and I felt lucky to share this with Hannah. Wedding talk has been a thread in our friendship for as long as I can remember, and alongside discussions of her wedding I brought my wedding scrapbook (which is primarily filled with invitations, orders of service…) and we poured over Pinterest. I’m looking forward to the next fair and seeing Hannah and her partner on their big day.


There will probably be many more wedding related posts this year, if Hannah still wants company 😜


ps I completely obsessed with the cakes I’ve shared, the companies are incredibly talented and J will be swooning over their designs. The carriage cake is entirely cake and icing! And the other cake that looks like a watercolour? That is hand painted . Amazing!

The Last Three Books I Read.

In the reading department I am a very lucky girl. I work in a school where they have a drop and read policy…basically for 25 beautiful minutes a day I get paid to read. This has given me the chance to power through some books I’ve been dying to read.

So here is the list of the last three books I got to read at school.


The first book I took on was Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder because I was told to read it at university and never got a chance. For those of you who are not history nerds this might seem to be a bit of a dull choice but if you’re like me it was super interesting. It was a fascinating discussion comparing the death tolls of the Stalin and Hitler regimes in eastern Europe and it comes up with some brilliant points and surprising insights.


The next book I took on I have been dying to read since I first saw and fell in love with the film Into The Wild. If you seen the film the book is in the same vein but you really get to know parts of Chris’ past better though still not enough. If you haven’t seen the film then watch the film it’ll capture your heart, imagination and sense of adventure and you’ll want to read the book.


A huge contributor to Into The Wild was Chris McCandless’ sister, who for reasons she explains, felt it wasn’t right to tell the full details of the truth to Jon Krakauer though made sure to let the essence sink in. Many years later she decided, again for reasons she explains, to write her own book truly outlining the violence of their past that lead to Chris’ need to walk Into The Wild.

I would implore any history nerds to read Bloodlands and any lovers of truth and right to read Into The Wild and The Wild Truth and get to know Chris McCandless, you won’t regret it.

What have you guys been reading I’d love to know??

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂