Plymouth Guidhall Wedding Extravaganza Fair January 2016, Review and Reflection

I attended one of my first wedding fair the other week, now I have no real business attending a wedding fair. I’m not engaged to be married, I’m not a wedding planner, and I’m not advertising my services: I am however obsessed with weddings. The reason for my attendance at this fair was to accompany a very close friend who has recently gained a new fiancé, and acknowledging my obsession invited me along.


Weddings are a costly thing, but the whole wedding process seems the closest any normal person can get to a fairy tale. Its two people declaring their love for each other, to the world in a big way, and creating something truly beautiful as a way to share this union with the people most important to them. I just plain love weddings.

The wedding fair we attended was held at the Plymouth Guildhall and dubbed Wedding Extravaganza, and it definitely felt special. I’m a big fan of the Guildhall, as a child I would visit the antique fairs with my dad and of late I’ve loved it for two wildly different events: Devcon and Miss Ivy’s Vintage Fayres. These events are two I wait expectantly for, and it was amazing to experience the Guildhall in a different way.

Upon arrival brides to be were handed glasses of wine in champagne flutes and you were left to explore the fair. There were two fashion shows held on stage for wedding dresses, grooms suits and mother of the bride clothes. There was an abundance of inspiration and jumping off points, everything from wood carved place settings and table plans to miniature ponies. Hannah and I talked so long afterwards that my Mocha was ice cold by the time I got to it.

The event had a very relaxed and easy feel to it, aside from the fashion show I never felt in the way or overly aware of other attendees. The fair also started to die down around two ish, which seems polar opposites to the other events I have attended. It was a very grown up refined event. One of my personal highlights were when Hannah was discussing with a florist how lovely their roses were, and she was given the most beautiful luxurious rose to take home.

Can you get any dreamier than wildflowers in a teacup ontop of a pile of books?

The only downside to the fair was that it felt organised to sell stalls rather than cater to the needs of a recently engaged couple. Every other stand was cakes, dresses or photographers. There were no stationers, the cat walk shows neglected the more expansive wedding dress and repeated identical shows, the only option for favours was a charity asking to be considered for donations (a very worthy option to commemorate a lost one on your day). As special and exciting as the event felt, when I left there seemed to be a lot missing, though this could be my experience in events impacting it.

The fair was special, and I felt lucky to share this with Hannah. Wedding talk has been a thread in our friendship for as long as I can remember, and alongside discussions of her wedding I brought my wedding scrapbook (which is primarily filled with invitations, orders of service…) and we poured over Pinterest. I’m looking forward to the next fair and seeing Hannah and her partner on their big day.


There will probably be many more wedding related posts this year, if Hannah still wants company 😜


ps I completely obsessed with the cakes I’ve shared, the companies are incredibly talented and J will be swooning over their designs. The carriage cake is entirely cake and icing! And the other cake that looks like a watercolour? That is hand painted . Amazing!

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