Can I please have them all?

When this blog started, I wanted it to be just as much about personal style as beauty and other lifestyle bit (aka books). I realised the other day that the closest I came to a style piece, was this post on a wedding guest outfit.

So I’ve created a wish list, comprised of things I would buy if I wasn’t on a spending ban (I’m saving up for something big). I will probably relinquish and buy one of these, I already went a bit spendy in the Marks and Spencer Beauty hall on their Rosie for Autograph range which is oh so pretty, expect a haul/review post!

Anyway, these are the bits I fell in love with, and I think you’ll get a pretty good feel for my style here. These all seem to be striped, red or floral…


ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric

ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric £38.00

I already own one black and white striped ASOS dress, but that’s an off the shoulder full skirted one. I enjoy how simple and formal a shape this would be, I think it would be work appropriate but it may be a smidge short.

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress £28

Polka dots are a favourite I haven’t indulged in very much, the shape of this would show off any figure perfectly and with a little black blazer it would smarten it up in an instant.

New Look

White and Red Stripe Cropped Sweater £12.99

(top right of the grid of 4) I justify my love of this, partially from its price but secondly because the stripes are red and I own no tops with red stripes.

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt £24.99

This skirt is so beautiful. It’s a very full shape with an elasticated waistband and a slightly shorter under skirt. This I am genuinely in love with. It’s the mesh overlay and the shape, this would fit pretty seamlessly into my wardrobe, either in the navy or the equally lust worthy blush tone.

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer £24.99

I don’t know when I would wear this, but that tone of red is incredible!!

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt £19.99

I do not own a striped skirt, and a long white striped skirt that is almost a circle skirt style would also look incredible in my wardrobe. Im just going to sit here and look at this for a while.



This is a very formal striped skirt, I am probably least likely to buy this but its so pretty. It would smarten up the most basic of T-Shirts.



Not only is this beautiful (and yellow!!) but it has a very subtle funnel neck. A lovely piece, that may be slightly trend led, but is one of the most beautiful prints ive seen in a while.


This is so lovely, it combines layering with chambray and stripes which is perfection in my eyes.

River Island

Word cannot describe how sexy this top is!!!

I know that button through Denim A Line skirts are ten a penny right now, but Ive been feeling drawn to this skirt since I discovered it!


There we have it, the pieces Im obsessing over and a smidge of train of consciousness type description. What pieces are on your wish list? Have any of mine made their way to your list?


A good portion of these images are screen shoted from websites as there was no social media image, I did aim for these wherever possible. I own none of these images

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