I Am Going On A Hair Journey.

Ok was scrolling through Pintrest a few months ago when I came across a new way to wash my hair. The article caught my eye because it was called, something along the lines of, ‘Wash Your Hair Just Once A Week.’ This caught my eye because I am lazy and I know it’s good for my hair to not wash it everyday.

The article explained that shampoos are detergents basically designed to strip your hair of its natural oils, that way it has over produce oils making your hair greasy so you wash it more. Therefore, driving up demand for shampoo…sneaky right?? Your hair makes these oils so it can clean itself stripping them on a daily basis is not healthy or cheap.

Their way around this is to use bicarbonate of soda and water solution as a shampoo and Apple cider vinegar and water solution as a conditioner. They claim it’ll make your hair healthier, able to wash it’s again and maybe even grow faster.

I’ve tried it and it’s weird. Washing your hair with no lather is really weird, but so far I can’t complain about the results. I would say if you want to try this method and you don’t use a hair oil start to, you’ll need it. And don’t worry after you rinse out the vinegar you can’t smell it anymore.

I’ll update you guys once I’ve got a few more miles on this method but so far I’m loving it.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂