Lifestyle Hack: How to make your mobile data last longer

I recently noticed that my mobile data was being used up incredibly fast, last month I had to buy a temporary upgrade, the only other times that happened in the period of this contract was when I had three interviews in London on the same month. The travel and lack of wi-fi meant I rinsed my allowance pretty quickly.

Going through your allowance is irritating and can be expensive, so I wanted to share my quick and easy hack to make my data (and pennies) last longer:

Switch to 3G

4G is better than 3G in the fact that its faster, it’s the difference between steaming a video on your phones data and the Wi-Fi at home. For what I use my phones data for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reading Blogs and general browsing I have no real need for super-fast mobile data so I’ll switch back to 3G.

Think of the difference between 4G and 3G as a tap filling a sink, 3G is half on and 4G is the tap fully on. Either way the skink will get filled the only delay is how quickly it will.

How to Switch to 3G

Android User:

  • Settings
  • Mobile Networks (Under More on a Sony)
  • Preffed network type
  • 3G (Preferred)/ 2G

Apple User:

  • Settings
  • Mobile
  • Voice & Data
  • Chose 3G
  • Click back through

You may need to soft reset your IPhone after this, press and hold the middle button and the power button until the apple sign appears. It restarts the device.

It’ll take a minute or so your phone to update, and you may need to restart the device but Ive found this has helped me to extend my data use massively.

Hope that helped!!

– Emily

If your having long term issues with this contact your service provider, there may be a longer term issue with your SIM card or potentially phone. They have a really high level of knowledge and will be a lot more helpful that this blog post 🙂

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