March Glossybox Unboxing


I have been subscribed to Glossybox for well over a year, and find its the perfect way to both curb the spending of my beauty habit and try new products. I’m reviewing a box for the first time this month.


-417 Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner
The conditioner had a very smooth and fluid, consistency similar to a body milk. It applies very evenly as a result. Leaves my very long hair on the dry side so a hair oil or serum is unavoidable for me.

The shampoo worked well on my hair but I don’t often struggle to find a good shampoo. I’ll probably keep these in my travel bag and won’t be purchasing them.

Collection Speedy Highlighter
Tend to apply under foundation first, the stick isn’t the softest so I worry it would drag my makeup around. I will apply via my finger tips if I wish to have it on the top of my base. I really like the finish, it reminds me a little bit of Benefits Watts Up.

This one I’ve actually had in my makeup bag for a few months when it first came out, I prefer powder foundations but I love how natural this looks on. No need to repurchase as I now have two!

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum
This is the hero product of the box for me, it applies smoothly and is absorbed so quick. It feels like a drink for my skin. I might have to buy this one but since falling in love with No 7’s Early Defense Night Cream I don’t know if I can commit to two amazing pieces of skincare. Watch this space.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream
This has gone straight to my mum who is saving it for a holiday. I’m a little scared of anti aging products at the moment so it’s not something I’d opt for unless I was in a pinch.

Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush
I am yet to use this, when I establish a way to work it into my routine I’ll let you all know. I do however love the colour, and how the bristles feel on the back of my hand.

As boxes go I would probably give this a four our of five, even though only two of these products really worked for me i absolutely adore them. Now big question, do I purchase a full size of the serum?…


What I’m listening to on repeat: Elle King Love Stuff


I’ve done a couple posts on books and book-y things so I thought I’d mix things up a bit and go for one of my other loves in life: music. I’ll listen to a hotchpotch of things but I have a predisposition for female voices, I don’t really seek them out but a there is a largest proportion of female vocalists in my cd collection (am I the only one who still buys CD’s?).

I bought this album a few months back when Elle King was on The Graham Norton Show and I fell in Love with Ex’s and Oh’s, prior to the show I had caught the tail end of her live lounge interview and interview and become really interested in her. I loved her sense of humour and Clara Amfo’s description of her as Taylor Swift’s Naughty Cousin. If you missed her love lounge cover it’s linked below in all its beauty:

The album for me is a mix of Blues, County eith an end of pop mixed in. It’s a very different sound to anything else on the market. My favourite songs from the Album are: I Told You I Was Mean, Last Damn Night, See You Again (lovely cover linked) and Make You Smile. Though I love the whole bloody album.

She has voice that is really different from what you find with new music currently, with an amazing tones and some very fun lyrics. Theres no musician I could compare her to, though she’s making me want to explore country further than already have (read Taylor Swift and one Maddie and Tae song)

The last time I was this obsessed with an album was Meghan Trainers Title (if you’ve yet to check it out its a thing of beauty, Its pop and sass perfection), and prior to that Taylor Swift’s Red. All three of these are still favorite albums that I listen to on default when I’m having a chappy day or want to dance around my room for no reason other than it makes me happy.

Have you listened to Love Stuff? What songs are your favourites? What are you listening to on repeat right now?


A disorganised list of things that drive me crazy

Ive just got back from walking my dog and narrowly avoided crossing the path of street runners. I have a illogical hate of street runners, one or two of them I don’t mind, but when there’s a large group headed by a person yelling “PEDESTRIAN” as they catch sight of you on the pavement I have a teeny tiny moment of rage.

I thought I would write a quick list of things which drive me crazy, it’s not conclusive and they’re all borderline irrational but here they are:

1. Herds of street runners
2. Being called “Em” by people who don’t know me.
3. People who put bags on the seats of a busy train. (please note, not a single rucksack or handbag but multiple bags of shopping or luggage)
4. Strangers who touch my hair
5. People who street walk thier dogs off leads. Risky for dogs and unfair on people afraid or wary of dogs.
6. When people don’t say what they mean.
7. When I can’t find my tooth floss.
8. When people make a big deal of choosing not to drink alcohol on a night out.
9. Whenever I forget my headphones.

I guess pet peeves would be a better title list for this but I was feeling melodramatic and moody when I wrote this. I’m not always moody, here I chronicled a few of the many things that make me happy, and this is one of the things that make me the happiest in the world:

My doggy 😍

Do any of these moments match with things you hate? Is there anything you would add to the list.


Billy Elliot Theatre Royal Plymouth

February was a whirlwind month for me, I changed jobs which resulted in an exponentially increased commute time  and generally felt like the busiest person in the world. I’m not, that would probably be one of the heads of state, or possibly Ellie.

One thing I did manage to do was see Billy Elliot. Around a month ago a message popped up in my email The Theatre Royal Plymouth were running two dress rehersals and there was the opportunity for local bloggers and those connected to the theatre to watch the show before its launch.

I think i replied to her around five seconds after recieving her message. I bloody love the theatre, instead of a physical gift this year my parents got me vouchers for the theatre.


I phoned my mum to invite her along with me to see the show and she squeaked, she was so excited she stopped being able to converse. Being able to treat my mum who is one of the hardest working and most optimistic people in my life was amazing, and I will remain grateful to the theatre for this.

Neither of us knew what to expect from the show, we hadn’t seen the film version and knew it was about a boy and his discovery of ballet. I actively avoid seeing different interpretations of plays/musicals that are new to me ahead of time, I want the theatre and this performance to be my first experience.

This is the first dress rehearsal I’ve attended and it really added to the experience. The evening began with the director walking onto stage to invite us to the very, very, very first dress rehearsal. He further shared that the show really was a work in progress as he was still working on the script.


I was blown away by Billy Elliot after about 15 minutes. The entite cast are incredibly skilled, and everything from the choreography to thier accents are testament to the skill of all involved. I laughed and I cried, I held my mums hand and talked excitedly in the interval to fellow theatre goers.

I could not recommend the show more highly, I can’t remember being this pleasantly suprised by a show since Legally Blonde The Musical. It’s a simple and beautiful story, told with such emotional depth it rings very true. The young actors are so talented, and they carry this show so much.

I find it very interesting that there are three four different Billy’s amongst the players, this means that you could see the same show multiple times and still experience it differently. I’m keeping my eye out for posts from other bloggers who may have been lucky enough to see this twice, to see how they found the different show nights.

Have you seen Billy Elliot, or are you looking forward to another show?

I would like to thank the Theatre for the opportunity to see this show before opening night, and for enabling me to share this evening with my mum.


My Favourite Breakfast: Overnight Oats.

I am all about making my life easy in the morning so if I can do it the night before I do.

I have now discovered Overnight Oats and I am never turning back. Its quick, easy, nutritious and filling which is all I need from breakfast. So let’s cook (if it is even is cooking).


First find yourself a jar or something that can be put in the fridge.


First add 1/3 of a cup of rolled whole grain oats.


Next is a 1/3 of a cup of milled linseed or chai seeds or something along those lines.


Then add in some sort of milk, dairy if you like. I use either soya, coconut or almond whatever’s on offer.


Next I add in a few tablespoons of yoghurt, it helps make it nice stodgy just how I like it. This can always be left out if you prefer.


Then I add some honey for sweetness. Started with a tablespoon now weakening myself off a bit.


Then I add in some fruit. Currently it’s frozen berries but it can be whatever you want, fresh or frozen.


Mix it all together and put it in the fridge overnight.


And there it is. Saves me so much time in the morning and it’s delicious.

Let me know what your favourite breakfast is.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon -Sally 🙂

A mini, slightly spendy Boots haul

This week I have something every beauty blogger has probably written at some point, a boots haul. I popped into boots mainly because I had a voucher that knocked down the price of makeup and skin care, and after the match made event we were invited to previously I have been thinking about buying a No 7 foundation.

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation


I got this in Calico, which is the colour I was matched with. Loving having a new foundation, especially with £3 off!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream


I had a sample of this a couple months ago and really enjoyed using it. Hannah and I spent a while looking for night creams that didn’t have traditional night cream ingredients as they can actually cause your skin to depend on them and age when they’re removed.

I’ve used this for the last few evenings and it can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sanctuary: 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask


I had a single using of this from Christmas and I really wanted a new face mask, unsure of when I’ll next be in Lush I wanted to give this a try again. Ive really got into face masks in the last month and am trying to find a favourite.

L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Buttery Balm


My hair is a touch on the dry side so I’ve bought this one to use once or twice a week to help combat this. I chose this one as it was the only non Tresemme hair mask thing and I really like some of L’Oréal’s skin care bits. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Baring in mind I entered boots intending to buy the foundation and thinking if buying the night cream it was a little speedier than I’d anticipated. Now, what to spend those boots points on…