A mini, slightly spendy Boots haul

This week I have something every beauty blogger has probably written at some point, a boots haul. I popped into boots mainly because I had a voucher that knocked down the price of makeup and skin care, and after the match made event we were invited to previously I have been thinking about buying a No 7 foundation.

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation


I got this in Calico, which is the colour I was matched with. Loving having a new foundation, especially with £3 off!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream


I had a sample of this a couple months ago and really enjoyed using it. Hannah and I spent a while looking for night creams that didn’t have traditional night cream ingredients as they can actually cause your skin to depend on them and age when they’re removed.

I’ve used this for the last few evenings and it can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sanctuary: 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask


I had a single using of this from Christmas and I really wanted a new face mask, unsure of when I’ll next be in Lush I wanted to give this a try again. Ive really got into face masks in the last month and am trying to find a favourite.

L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Buttery Balm


My hair is a touch on the dry side so I’ve bought this one to use once or twice a week to help combat this. I chose this one as it was the only non Tresemme hair mask thing and I really like some of L’Oréal’s skin care bits. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Baring in mind I entered boots intending to buy the foundation and thinking if buying the night cream it was a little speedier than I’d anticipated. Now, what to spend those boots points on…


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