Billy Elliot Theatre Royal Plymouth

February was a whirlwind month for me, I changed jobs which resulted in an exponentially increased commute time  and generally felt like the busiest person in the world. I’m not, that would probably be one of the heads of state, or possibly Ellie.

One thing I did manage to do was see Billy Elliot. Around a month ago a message popped up in my email The Theatre Royal Plymouth were running two dress rehersals and there was the opportunity for local bloggers and those connected to the theatre to watch the show before its launch.

I think i replied to her around five seconds after recieving her message. I bloody love the theatre, instead of a physical gift this year my parents got me vouchers for the theatre.


I phoned my mum to invite her along with me to see the show and she squeaked, she was so excited she stopped being able to converse. Being able to treat my mum who is one of the hardest working and most optimistic people in my life was amazing, and I will remain grateful to the theatre for this.

Neither of us knew what to expect from the show, we hadn’t seen the film version and knew it was about a boy and his discovery of ballet. I actively avoid seeing different interpretations of plays/musicals that are new to me ahead of time, I want the theatre and this performance to be my first experience.

This is the first dress rehearsal I’ve attended and it really added to the experience. The evening began with the director walking onto stage to invite us to the very, very, very first dress rehearsal. He further shared that the show really was a work in progress as he was still working on the script.


I was blown away by Billy Elliot after about 15 minutes. The entite cast are incredibly skilled, and everything from the choreography to thier accents are testament to the skill of all involved. I laughed and I cried, I held my mums hand and talked excitedly in the interval to fellow theatre goers.

I could not recommend the show more highly, I can’t remember being this pleasantly suprised by a show since Legally Blonde The Musical. It’s a simple and beautiful story, told with such emotional depth it rings very true. The young actors are so talented, and they carry this show so much.

I find it very interesting that there are three four different Billy’s amongst the players, this means that you could see the same show multiple times and still experience it differently. I’m keeping my eye out for posts from other bloggers who may have been lucky enough to see this twice, to see how they found the different show nights.

Have you seen Billy Elliot, or are you looking forward to another show?

I would like to thank the Theatre for the opportunity to see this show before opening night, and for enabling me to share this evening with my mum.


2 thoughts on “Billy Elliot Theatre Royal Plymouth

  1. Nice review. One minor thing though — there are actually four boys who play Billy in the Tour production — just as in London. They usually do two shows per week each. As you know from watching it, it is EXTREMELY demanding physically on the Billys.


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