A disorganised list of things that drive me crazy

Ive just got back from walking my dog and narrowly avoided crossing the path of street runners. I have a illogical hate of street runners, one or two of them I don’t mind, but when there’s a large group headed by a person yelling “PEDESTRIAN” as they catch sight of you on the pavement I have a teeny tiny moment of rage.

I thought I would write a quick list of things which drive me crazy, it’s not conclusive and they’re all borderline irrational but here they are:

1. Herds of street runners
2. Being called “Em” by people who don’t know me.
3. People who put bags on the seats of a busy train. (please note, not a single rucksack or handbag but multiple bags of shopping or luggage)
4. Strangers who touch my hair
5. People who street walk thier dogs off leads. Risky for dogs and unfair on people afraid or wary of dogs.
6. When people don’t say what they mean.
7. When I can’t find my tooth floss.
8. When people make a big deal of choosing not to drink alcohol on a night out.
9. Whenever I forget my headphones.

I guess pet peeves would be a better title list for this but I was feeling melodramatic and moody when I wrote this. I’m not always moody, here I chronicled a few of the many things that make me happy, and this is one of the things that make me the happiest in the world:

My doggy 😍

Do any of these moments match with things you hate? Is there anything you would add to the list.


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