What I’m listening to on repeat: Elle King Love Stuff


I’ve done a couple posts on books and book-y things so I thought I’d mix things up a bit and go for one of my other loves in life: music. I’ll listen to a hotchpotch of things but I have a predisposition for female voices, I don’t really seek them out but a there is a largest proportion of female vocalists in my cd collection (am I the only one who still buys CD’s?).

I bought this album a few months back when Elle King was on The Graham Norton Show and I fell in Love with Ex’s and Oh’s, prior to the show I had caught the tail end of her live lounge interview and interview and become really interested in her. I loved her sense of humour and Clara Amfo’s description of her as Taylor Swift’s Naughty Cousin. If you missed her love lounge cover it’s linked below in all its beauty:

The album for me is a mix of Blues, County eith an end of pop mixed in. It’s a very different sound to anything else on the market. My favourite songs from the Album are: I Told You I Was Mean, Last Damn Night, See You Again (lovely cover linked) and Make You Smile. Though I love the whole bloody album.

She has voice that is really different from what you find with new music currently, with an amazing tones and some very fun lyrics. Theres no musician I could compare her to, though she’s making me want to explore country further than already have (read Taylor Swift and one Maddie and Tae song)

The last time I was this obsessed with an album was Meghan Trainers Title (if you’ve yet to check it out its a thing of beauty, Its pop and sass perfection), and prior to that Taylor Swift’s Red. All three of these are still favorite albums that I listen to on default when I’m having a chappy day or want to dance around my room for no reason other than it makes me happy.

Have you listened to Love Stuff? What songs are your favourites? What are you listening to on repeat right now?


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