Make up look: five minutes to get ready

If your anything like me, if you have 30 minutes to get ready you will spend the majority of that time procrastinating (read: texting/Netflix/youtube).

This is how I make myself look presentable in under five minutes. This was at the end of the day when I’d worn makeup to work and was popping to the pub to catch up with a friend.


After running a brush throwing my hair I grabbed these three products: a makeup sponge, a lipliner and a bright lipstick.

After wetting the Makeup sponge I tapped it across my face to blend whatever bade I had left. This evened out my skintone nicely. This one is from a Glossybox and so far I’m preferring it to my Real Techniques makeup sponge.

I then grabbed my Autograph Universal Lip liner, this is an interesting product ad it doesn’t have a colour pay off, meaning it helps keep your lip colour in place, regardless of the colour. Little tip with this one, apply with a gentle hand. It snaps really easily

I finished with MAC Pickled Plum, first I dabbed this onto my lips to stain them, then I applied straight from the bullet with two layers dabbing off the excess in between.

not my best selfie, but i have an evened out base and am feeling so much more “done” 😊

The lipstick is the main feature of this look, and it’s a really fun impactful colour (if that’s even a word). If I’d had a couple more layers I would have applied a touch of concealer to my cheeks and chin, and a brightening concealer under my eyes but I was really happy with how it turned out.

What do you so when you have a very short period of time to get ready?


One thought on “Make up look: five minutes to get ready

  1. I’m a last person makeup person and this would make me really late leaving out in the morning. Your post was great! I happened to hear about Tyra Banks makeup line and what she calls the 5 min Tyover. I had to try it and loved it. You should definitely look into to it and the amazing part is no brushes. Really? That’s what I said, take a look.


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