Lush Ultrabland: One of my favourite cleansers

As I’m now nearer to thirty than twenty (eeep) I’ve started paying more attention to skin care, especially this year with so many fellow beauty enthusiasts being part of my life. I have three cleansers I switch between depending on my mood.

When I look for a cleaner I want something that will eat through my makeup or just a days grime if I’m sans makeup, will remove eye and face makeup without stinging, and that isn’t drying. Making me a little fussy, but I like uncomplicated routines.


One of my favourites is this, Ultrabland by Lush. This is a creamy clarifying cleanser that feels like a real treat on the skin.

You rub the product into your skin, being very gentle around your eye area. I normally leave it to sit for a few minutes and then using a couple cotton rounds ran under some very warm water I remove the cleanser. I start on my eyes, move over my skin and onto my lips. Two cotton pads tends to be the perfect amount.

I start by dotting the cleanser on my face
I then gently rub the product into my skin, resulting in posting a greasy faced photo online.
Run your cotton pads under the hottest water you can stand, I start on my eyes and then move around the rest of my face in circular motions.
Eeewwwh, makeup.

It leaves me with very soft, clean feeling skin with a slight glow. I tend to use this at the end of my day, in the morning I’m a micellar water girl. Often I’ll follow this with a moisturising mask or just my regular skin care routine. I love this product, and once I get to the end of it I will be repurchasing.

Leaving you with cleansed glowy skin
Leaving you with cleansed glowy skin

A special thank you to the lovely Ali In the Plymouth Lush, who spent thirty minutes talking cleansers, toners, steaming tabs, moisturises masks and all sorts of amazing skin care bits before sending me off with a sample of this piece of perfection (along with a bag of bathbombs and other exciting purchases).


If your in the mood to read more on skin care, Sally wrote a post in January on her skincare routine.

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