What I’ve been watching: Outlander on Amazon Prime

Imagine combining Braveheart with Back To The Future, wrap it up in a very strong female lead and you have my latest addiction: Outlander.

Claire Randal is in the Scottish Highlands with her husband Frank on thier “second honeymoon”. Over the last five years of thier marriage they have been supporting thier country with the war effort, and seen each other fewer than 10 days. Whilst working on reconnecting with each other, they visit a circle of ancient standing stones. Claire decides to revisit the stand stones alone, and finds herself transported back to 1743 with the Scottish Highlanders and English Army vying for power.

It’s difficult to put into words why I’ve fallen in love with this show: it’s addictive, well written, incredibly sexy and full of cliff hangers. I opted for this show off the back of a short review in this month’s Glamour magazine, where they alluded to the shows feminist themes.

It’ll be interesting to see what other people think of it, around episode 10 it seemed to slow up somewhat. I think i watched 1-8 in around four days and now it’s about a fortnight since I picked up the show and I’m part way through episode 13. Heres hoping that after writing this I dint come out hating the show!

It’s currently on Amazon Prime Video, part of the reason this appealed to me was the ability to download an episode and watch it whilst on my commute home. When I’m not addicted to a book I can dip in an out of the seris easily without worrying about rinsing my data plan! Especially as the second seris will be on the site soon.

I love Claire and Jamie (an embarrassing confession but Sam Heughan much closer to how I picture Christian Grey than Jamie Dornan). I dare you to make your way though the seris without hating Laoghaire…

Does the show appeal to you? If you watch it please let me know!! What would you recommend? I use both Netflix and Amazon so any recommendations appreciated!


Note: Just finished episode 13, completely obsessed again!!

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