H&M Haul.

I have always been a big fan of H&M, such better quality compared to primark and not that much more expensive. So when you have some spare cash and you see some discounts H&M is a good bet. So here’s what I got.


This is a patterned racer back vest and was only about £3.99. It is a little see through, but nothing a good black bra won’t fix. Perfect for work or play.


Next is a black and white striped, jersey, long sleeved top for only £7.99. Again it’s a little see through but a black vest will fix that and it is so soft you can’t complain.


Next is a blue and white (it’s a dark navy but trust me it’s blue) polo shirt from the conscious range. Its 100% organic cotton and for some reason I’ve been wanting a polo shirt for a while.


Next is the same as the black and white striped top but in a zig zag pattern.


The last thing is a very light sky blue shirt. Perfect for summer work wear and a bargain at only £10 in the sale.

So that’s what I got myself. Thanks to discounts it was all only £35…yay! I will say with H&M that I always size up as the sizes tend to run small, other than that I live everything.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

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