Breakfast Dates and A Floaty Floral Summer Dress


So this weekend off the back of Plymouth Blog Meet (I will write a post on it at some point) a handful of us met up for a brunch. I love blogger events, I always get so nervous about meeting these people Im building a friendship with, but the are always amazing. Its like you have this opportunity to make a bunch of new friends who you have so much in common with, who are really friendly and knowledgeable.

We popped along to Boston Tea Party in Plymouth where we pulled together a few tables to accommodate the five of us (Lorna, Alice, Ellie, Nicole) somehow every one of us ordered somerthing different. I Love Boston Tea Party, they offer a varied vegetaian menu and gluten free making it a very accessible choice for most social occasions. I ordered the most photogenic Mocha and Eggs Benedict, and I am currently having massive food envy.

There was barely a quiet moment at our table, with giggles and everyone exchanging tips and stories. We all popped along the Barbican for an improptu photoshoot, where Alice and Nicole played photographers, and after a couple goodbyes we visited the Flavour Fest in the city centre. Normally the festival falls in August, and they were so lucky with the weather this weekend. There is nothing better than buying Macrons and Brownies whilst sipping fresh flavoured cocnut water.

I decided on my gorgeous new floaty floral Primark dress, I picked this up a week or so ago and have been itching to wear it (the exposed shoulders make it inappropriate attire for my office). It’s the sort of dress that needs a slip underneath, as it is one thin but beautiful layer of chiffon, but its also the sort of dress that instantly makes you feel fabulous. I wore this with my tan cut out heeled boots (also Primark, a couple years ago) and walking along the barbican I felt like I should be in Italy, its such a cute and flirty dress. It was a very tight fit, that would probably look more flattering with some shaper wear but Im all about comfort and low maintaince fashion, and this weekend was too hot to even consider wearing tights.

If white isn’t your thing (White and Navy are my hero colours) they have this is a pink base with a similar pattern, and at £13 its an incredibly affordable item that should last you many seasons. The most dating aspect of this item is the cold shoulder detail.

I think my favourite part of this dress is the neckline, it shows off enough to look a little flirty and has the most beautiful ruffle which moves with you or the breeze. I bloody love that ruffle. I can see myself wearing this to summer BBQ’s and upcoming weekend lunch dates.

I would like to thank the lovely Nicole for not only taking everyones photos, but for sharing such a beautiful shoot location.

Do you like this dress? How would you style it?

– Emily

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