Father’s day gift ideas


I always find mothers day gifts easier to plan than father’s day gifts. My mother is sentimental, loves bath things, flowers and I can pin her music tastes down to a tee. My dad is a non sentimental ex DJ with a fondness for some very niche tech. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here if you, yourself are stuck for ideas with a few different budgets.


My dad has a sweet tooth so a cake always works well. This is a sponge cake with cream and jam. Whipped yogurt and lemon curd also make a lovely substitute. BBC good food have a lovely recipe.


Local Fudge is a brilliant idea, my Dad always opts for rum and raisin ice cream so that’s an easy transfer when selecting a flavour.


My dad loves a DVD, and I know his favourite genres. A trip to CEX and a scouring of the Western/War/Sci Fi/TV section would provide an affordable option, and eclectic selection.


One of the best gifts I’ve got my Dad was a current season England shirt. These can be a bit pricey, but for a football, rugby or any sports fan really, it’s a brilliant idea. This was found on Nike.

Father’s day is this Sunday (the 19th June), what are you thinking of getting your dad? Hope this was helpful as a jumping off point if nothing else!


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