Easy Bright Everyday Salad With Avocado, Halouimi and Feta


I eat a lot of salads, it’s a combination of wanting to eat healthily, and wanted to eat something that’ll fill me up. Everytime I bring this salad out people comment on how colourful it is, or how good it looks. It’s really simple, easy to mix up and make a double portion so it’ll last two days.

This is a Feta and Halouimi salad, solely because those are the things I’m obsessed with presently. Your could easily replace these cheeses with Mozzarella, Chicken and Bacon, or remove it all together for a tasty vegan salad.


– 1 celery stalk
– 1/4 cucumber
– 10 plum tomatoes
– 1/3 red bell pepper
– 1/3 green bell pepper
– 1 steamed beetroot (the Pickled sliced variety works as well)
– 1 small bowl of sweet corn
– 4 mini gherkins
– 2 slices of fried Halouimi
– 2 cm width of Feta
– half an Avocado
– rocket or spinach

Chop up or dice everything into small bite sized pieces (aside from the sweet corn) and start to layer everything according to the wettest ingredients. Cucumber, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Peppers, Celery, Gherkins and Sweet Corn. Fill the remaining space with your choice of salad leaves, I always have Spinach as I don’t eat red meat and it’s a good source of iron, and add your cheeses and avocado ontop. (if you’re unsure how to prepare Halouimi read the end of this post)


Talk about the perfect Avacado!


A while ago I watched a Mary Berry Programme where she talked about making a salad the night before that doesn’t result in soggy limp leaves through this layering method, I’ve been using it regularly ever since and always have a fresh and crunchy salad.


I clingfilm the lid and pop the lunch box in a sandwich bag, I find that the beetroot came leak and I have already stained a purse through this discovery.


When it comes to lunch time, I separate the cheese and leaves into the lid, place half the chopped veg onto a plate with half the leaves and cheese, before placing the rest of the salad in the fridge for the next day. I always have dressing on my salad,  last week it was a piri sauce, the week before balsamic vinegar and this week’s it’s a honey mustard dressing. I tend to use small sauce pots to bring in what I need.

And that is my easy, filing everyday salad. It seems almost too easy write a post on but I’m asked about this everytime I eat it. It’s basically everything that was in the fridge the night before, I normally grate some carrot in and this works really well with pomegranate seeds. It’s an easy salad to make to whatever budget you have, the other week I ran out of Feta so grated some plain Cheddar in.

What do you tend to bring to work for your lunch? If you use this recipe please let me know!

– Emily

(if you love Halouimi but don’t often prepare it at home, it’s the easiest thing to prepare and you can freeze it!

1. Cut up your Halouimi into 5mm thick slices and place in a plain on medium heat in a non stick pan. No need to add oil, these dry fry.
2. After a few minutes these will release a liquid, once it evaporates your Halouimi is probably ready to be flipped, check the other side. If it has golden brown patches flip.
3. Fry on the other side for a couple minutes, check for that golden brown colour.
4. Once both sides have golden brown patches your Halouimi is done, chop it up for salad, add to a burger, or just eat your Halouimi slices!

The bits I cooked here were from frozen, and after defrosting in the microwave they tasted the same as the previously unfrozen batch of Halouimi.

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