Brunch in Plymouth: Boston Tea Party, Rumpus Cosy, Royal William Bakery

Boston Tea Party

I love BTP’s for two big reasons: 

1) the service is always friendly and personable. 
2) I have never felt rushed in a BTP.

They have a fairly diverse brunch menu which can cater for those avoiding gluten, dairy or meat which make for a great failsafe selection. The delicious food is highly instagramable, and comes in generous portions. The cafe has an amazing ambiance, and being on the edge of the Barbican/ Stutton Harbour is well positioned for a scenic walk afterwards.

The staff are brilliant, one of my first visits Hannah spoke to them about thier Tea selection and we were both impressed to find how wide thier range was, and how well informed everyone was. Boston Tea Party spend time training thier staff as Batistas and it really shows through.

My one fault with Boston Tea Party is with thier Mint Tea. I am a huge mint tea drinker  and always get far to excited when I can get a fresh mint tea, sadly each time I’ve opted for Boston Tea Party’s Mint Tea it’s ended up with a very bitter aftertaste, something I think may be to do with the initial water temperature as it hits the leaves. My solution is to opt for a Mocha instead, which they make perfectly.

Rumpus Cosy

This city centre venue is very unique, and for far more than thier very charming decor. Profits from the cafe go towards the Social Enterprise arm (Effervescent) of the business and its creative work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. When you eat or drink in this venue, alongside supporting local independent trade you are supporting your community.

Back in June I visited the cafe with three other bloggers, after a flick through the menu Pancakes proved the most popular order. Rumpus Cosy are very accommodating, when I couldn’t decide what to have on my pancakes they let me mix the toppings. The very banana-y pancakes were quickly polished off, and we all chatted whilst sipping from an eclectic mix of crockery.

The service here is difficult to fault, the friendly and conscientious staff make you feel very comfortable. And every aspect of your visit is photogenic, from your food order to the decor and gallery which you will find ticked around a corner.

Royal William Bakery

Im so happy I finally got to eat here. The cafe is nestled inside the stunning Royal William Yard, a stones throw from the water. Ideally, you need to brunch here with someone who has visited before as the restaurant works in a very unique way.

After choosing a table (we opted for the outdoor long Picnic style benches), you pop into the restaurant. You have the option of pastries and cakes or cooked food, if you are opting for a pastry you pop your selection on one of the wooden boards provided. Would you like a drink? Pop over to the drink station, write down on a piece of brown paper want you would like, your name, your table and sit down. The same goes for hot food, in this case I copied Alice with my order.

Now for reason i would hesitate to visit the bakery anytime soon: The wait. It took around 20 minutes for my drink to arrive, and another 20 for my food,  and it was the same for the rest of our table.  The service itself was very friendly and polite, and the food was brilliant.

All of these were part of the blogger brunch meet ups, our next one is Sunday 28th August and we’ll be having a picnic on The Hoe. We’re meeting at The Sundial in Plymouth City Center for 11:00. Keep an eye on the blogger Facebook group for more information or drop me a Tweet @MayToOctober_ 🙂

– Emily 

2 thoughts on “Brunch in Plymouth: Boston Tea Party, Rumpus Cosy, Royal William Bakery

  1. Yay! Nice round up, I agree with all the comments! Shame that The Bakery was so slow, I felt so sorry for the staff, it was evidently not their fault. I’ve tried to email them but their website is down and they havent replied to my tweets or facebook message. Shame huh because I’ve been there before and it’s been fantastic! Alice xxxx


    • Thanks Alice, im glad to hear it 🙂 it is such a shame as the food was brilliant, it would be such a brilliant place to take someone you were trying to impress. Hopefully the next time I go, it will be on par with your previous experiences 🙂


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