My Current Favourite Documentaries on Netflix.

I love documentaries. Perhaps it`s because I`m a pretty massive nerd at heart and I love to learn, or perhaps I`m just the most boring person on Earth…we`ll never know. But, if like me, you love nothing more than turning on the TV and learning something new then you need to check these movies out. All available on Netflix, which is always handy.



Blackfish. If you haven`t watched Blackfish then you must have been living under a rock, so I suggest when you leave the rock the first thing you watch is Blackfish. The documentary details the capture, treatment and lives of the Orcas at Sea World. Focus is put onto Tilikum who after being captured at age 4 has lived in captivity ever since, and has become notorious as he has been responsible for the deaths of 3 people. This film will make you seriously think about how we treat the kin we find ourselves on this planet with.


the hunting ground

The Hunting Ground. This film, again, has been quite a popular watch recently but if you`ve missed it you must watch it. This movie shines a light on the epidemic of sexual assaults and rapes that have been occurring on American college campuses and the institution`s lack of dealing with the problem appropriately. Told from the perspective of a couple of activists who are fighting the good fight on behalf of, not just those sexual assault survivors, but all women who have felt obligated or pressured by a man because it could be any of us. Solidarity sisters!



Requiem for the American Dream. Celebrated philosopher, social critic, political activist and linguistic Noam Chomsky is interviewed in this film discussing the distribution of wealth and power in modern western society. Chomsky theorises on the different ways that ensure that all the money and governance stays within an elite few and the other 99% keep their nothing.


capitalism a love story

Capitalism: A Love Story. Renowned documentary maker Michael Moore takes on another divisive issue: capitalism. Whatever your feelings about Moore and his style this movie really makes you think about system that is supposed to be fair for all but only seems to help the few.


Let me know if you watch any of these films and if you have suggestions for me.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally šŸ™‚

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