Train of thought…

I catch the train for work five days a week, and have done so for spot on six months today. In some waus this is an improvement on how I previously commuted (bus) and there are many ways that it drives me crazy, so I thought I would collate a list of bugbears about trains:


For some reason Great Western Railway feel that a three or four carriage train is sufficient for the evening commuter train, meaning the 17:24 train home is generally standing room only until the third or fourth stop, on a good day.


I cannot deal will the responsibility of opening the train door when it reaches the station. I’m not talking about the button operated doors, but the ones where you need to stick your arm through the window and manoeuvre the handle. If I’m at the front I will muck it up to or three times and look like an idiot who can’t open the door.


The reliability of trains is a running joke and should just go without saying. My train will either be slightly late which can make me about 2 or 3 minutes late for work or what you do is be an hour late 2 hours late and completely screw with my plans. Thanks trains.

On the flip side…

My morning train is not only spacious, I can charge my phone, I can read a book and I can just switch off and relax for an hour. And 4 out of 5 days of the week my train will be on time.

As much as the train might drive me crazy on occasion, it still allowed me to take a chance on an amazing opportunity in Truro with a job that has really challenged me and given me with some real moment pride.

Trains I might hate you on occasion, but I’m also incredibly grateful for you.


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