Bake along with Bake Off: Week Two – Viennese Whirls

So this week Bake Off saw biscuit week. My heart sank, as i struggle making biscuits. It comes down to trust, I don’t trust or understand these popular British snacks. As they need to be left to firm up whilst cooling, and I am always worried they’ll be under baked.
I decided to try Viennese Whirls, once again attempting the technical challenge. Again, I found the recipe through the BBC website. After assessing the pantry and realising I had nothing in I popped to the shops. I was lucky to get jam sugar, as there was literally one

left on the shelves at Waitrose (I tried Lidil first, but they didn’t even have raspberry jam!). When I got all the ingredients home, I measured everything out and started on the aspect of this I was most comfortable about: the jam.
I felt nervous about this as I was vaguely aware of how easy it is to get hurt from boiling jam, or to burn jam and damage a pan. I mashed the fruit, and popped it on to boil with the sugar whilst I started mixing the butter cream icing. I always find buttercream is a messy, time consuming aspect of baking. I alternated between mixing my jam and buttercream, to be efficient and stop my jam from catching. At the second stage of the jam, I popped the lid on the pan and left the mix boil away, stopping it from bubbling over by lifting the lid multiple times. When this had finished boiling I put this into a glass dish to cool whilst I worked on the biscuit dough.

The dough came together really easily, and per the recommendations at the bottom of the recipie I decanted the dough into a piping bag and placed it to cool in the fridge for 15 minutes. I them preheated the oven, paced down some grass proof paper and started to line the spots for the paper.

When the 15 minutes were up, I took the dough out of the fridge to start piping the biscuits. The dough was so hard and unforgiving, it as really difficult to pipe into the shapes. I can see why the contestants struggled this week, I warmed the dough between my hands and it far improved this.

When all three trays had the pipped dough, i popped them into the over to bake and removed them after twelve minutes. I left them onto the side to cool, and then transfers them to a wire rack. Next came a stage that mimicked this weeks bake off again: when I applied the jam and buttercream to each biscuit some of them began to crumble and snap. These biscuits needed a gentle hand.
I sandwiched the jam and buttercream sides together and divvied them up between my, and my partners family and tried my first biscuit. Viennese Whirls have never been a favourite biscuit, and they never will be. They tasted nice, and were a touch over sweet for me. My thought whilst eating this, was that I would have far preferred a slice of Victoria Sponge cake.

Ultimately these looked lovely, they received really positive fed back from my family, and when I was next in the kitchen all the biscuits had been eaten. Would I make these again? As a gift for someone who loved them, potentially, otherwise there are many other bakes I prefer.
Now I’m getting nervous for bread week. I’ve made soda bread before, and I often make bread in my bread maker, but kneading dough by hand isn’t something I have a lot of experience with.

Are you baking along too?

9 thoughts on “Bake along with Bake Off: Week Two – Viennese Whirls

    • I don’t think the refrigerating was a necessary step at all looking at yours, all it seemed to do was make the slightly fiddly bake more difficult. How long did yours last? Mine had all disappeared by the next morning!


  1. That’s when you know you’ve nailed it though – when your family eats all of them quickly! Bread week is always my worst week usually. 2 years ago I made the ciabatta and that was a struggle…. xx


    • I far prefer fresh bread any day so I’m looking forward to he challenge, just in the sense that it’s making me break out in a cold sweat!

      That’s what I was thinking, if I had a friend who loved these I would make them as a gift but I’m going to stick to brownies when I want something biscuity πŸ™ƒ


  2. Well done Emily! Your whirls look great! I do agree with you though – as a biscuit, they’re just too sweet for my tastes, but they look so elegant that I couldn’t resist baking them! What are your thoughts for bread week?
    Beth x


    • Thanks Beth, I’m glad they came out well but is the sort of sweetness that almost hurts your teeth! I’m thinking the technical, I wouldn’t eat chocolate bread and I don’t want to risk damaging pans with the Dampfnudle (probably murdered that!). Though the technical this week seemed so daunting!

      What are you gravitating towards? X


  3. These don’t look half bad! I opted for iced biscuits because the husband and I thought we could manage that, turns out we couldn’t… we’re awful at baking. Biscuits have always been difficult though, I just find the consistency hard to work with.

    Ahh, bread week… I haven’t even started to think about that. That’s Saturday’s job!

    ~ K


  4. I did not see that you had to put the dough in the fridge, lol but I’m glad I didn’t – I had trouble enough piping it on my tray! You did a good job, they look delicious πŸ™‚


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