An Empties post

A little while ago I finished my favourite cleanser off and stopped myself from throwing it away, I’ve done this each time I’ve got to the end of a product over the last six weeks and thought I’d write and empties post. These are one of my favourite YouTube videos (alongside Primark hauls, personal style videos, closet tours and what’s in my bag videos).

Body Shop Wild Argon Oil


This has lasted me about a year, I had a slightly tricky start with this product ,that I bought primarily as a hair product, finding it could make my hair very greasy if I used too much. I quickly established that two pumps was enough to help my hair feel smooth and soft.
I love this product as I can apply the excess to my arms or dĆ©colletage and it absorbs just as quickly and is very lightly moisturising. I’ve been using another balm in the interim but as I write about this product I’m missing this so much I think a repurchase may be required…

Soap and Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I’m not the biggest body scrub fan, and this one has been with me a long while. But the gorgeous scent of this manual scrub had me reaching for it constantly in the summer months (to get rid of that pesky SPF).

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean

Another favourite cleanser, this face milk is gentle and very thorough at removing dirt and make up. I love this because it removed eye makeup without stinging, feels lovely, is gentle on my skin and smells INCREDIBLE.

Garner Micellar Water

This was my second attempt at a Micellar water and I love it. It’s ideal for lazy makeup removal, or as part of a double cleanse when you have a bit more time. Gentle, non astringent with no real fragrance, this is an easy favourite.
dsc_6744.jpgL’Oreal Micellar Water
This was my first Micellar water, I finished it just before the Garnier above. This was a perfectly adequate Micellar water but the Garnier has been repurchased (in the small size) twice since.

L’Oreal Miracle Cleansing Oil

This is probably my favourite cleanser, alongside Lush’s Ultrabland. This oil applied on dry skin sinks in and breaks down your makeup, and when you add water it foams up to thoroughly cleanse and clean. I love this product. I will be repurchasing this, when a time arises!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream

I treated myself to this night crew back in March, I wanted something to work into my routine that agreed for younger skin. This product feels cooling as you applying, moisturises the skin without feeling greasy and was a little luxury at the end of each day. I haven’t repurchased this, but it’s definelty a on my future shopping list.
Now I look back on this, it’s a very skincare heavy empties!
Have you used many of these products? What are your favourite bits?
– Emily

New Pin Haul.

I love pins. They are so versatile and fun. You can wear them on the lapel of your denim or leather jacket or on a bag or purse or really wherever you want. They can be so easily changed from piece to piece to go on whatever it is you’re wearing.

So I found really fun online store called Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. They have a great range of fun and political pins and I just had to get myself some of the feminist ones. And this is what I got.



These are the three pins that I bought myself and they all have a feminist theme.



This ‘feminist killjoy’ pin is going straight onto my oversized vintage denim jacket. I love the fact that at first glance you wouldn’t even realise what it said, but look close enough and you will know what I’m trying to say with this pin.



This ‘behold my feminist agenda’ pin is going to have to go everywhere with me, because so does my feminist agenda.



And this might be my favourite pin of all the ones I bought. The ‘I’m not sorry about your fragile masculinity’ pin says everything I knew I needed to say and now I can say it every time I leave the house.


In terms of quality, the pins are all metal with secure fastenings at the back to be put on to your clothes. Also, the delivery was fast and well packaged so no worry of any breakages. AND in the package you are given a chocolate and a refreshers sweet, aka the fastest way to my heart.



In case you want to peruse the website yourself the business card above will direct to the site. The customer service is great and I cannot recommend them enough. They have a great selection of retro designs if you don’t want to scream your feminist persuasions from your lapels.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally šŸ™‚



A very Lush Christmas Party (In October)

I started planning for Christmas in late August, so receiving word that Lush were planning on throwing their Christmas event a couple Mondays ago was cause for great excitement.

These events focus around showing off the new seasonalĀ ranges (Halloween and Christmas, two of my favorite holidays) with a bunch of highly excitable enthusiastic people.


Upon arrival there were themed, Vegan sweet treats. Not only were they helping us with our sugar fix, they looked like the products we would be leaving with at the end of the night!!

Autumn Leaf
L-R Boo, Monsters Ball, Goth Fairy, Lord of Misrule.

The first things we were introduced to were the Halloween Range, there is far too much to photograph but I snapped a few of my favorites. Goth Fairy appeals to my inner eighteen year old who used to cover herself with body glitter before a night out, and this adorable shimmer bar moisturises whilst it makes you sparkle like a Cullen.

My next two favorites were the adoreable Boo, A ghost Bath melt with a high Cocoa Butter content, and the incredibly Disney-esk Monsters Ball. This bath bomb smells incredible, looks like Sulley from Monsters Inc and his eye constantly floats to the top of the bath.



Lush is bath bombs galore with Golden Wonder stealing my heart, and theĀ starry Shoot for the Stars.

So pretty!!

The soaps in Lush always take my breath away, I feel like there’s no way I can treat a family member to one of these beauties without first showing them the whole thing!!


One of my all time favourite Lush products is the Christingle body conditioner, and I was lucky enough to have a demonstration instore, some people like Rose Jam or Snow Fairy but for me its Christingle. I use it whenever I go for a swim to treat my skin after the Chlorine.




I left Lush with what seemed likeĀ hundredsĀ of photos, and on such a high!!


Alongside being given an amazing look at all the Lush products we were giftedĀ a few goodies to take home with us. This post is very much my own words and feelings, with Many Thanks to Lush forĀ theirĀ generosityĀ and treating us all like VIPs.


Lace and Pleats: Making the most of the remaining British Sunshine

This, is probably my favourite outfit of this year so far. I’m a real girly-girl and a good portion of my wardrobe is either lace, pleated, pink or white.
The top was a sale find from Tesco (Ā£7), the sleeveless topics made of huge lace flowers with lots of little holes around the lace and the centre of the flowers. The arms and neck have a scalloped lace hem to add an extra detail. I especially love the high neck, it keeps the top demure. I have an incredible nude bra I wear under this, ore wise this would call for a nude vest underneath.
The skirt was an early spring purchase from Primark (Ā£11) that I’ve worn previously with a stripped 3/4 sleeve body and a lace cap sleeve body. The floaty mess of this skirt call for a more fitted top. This moves beautifully and is made for this top. I did have to fix the waistband on this recently as the stitching had starts to come apart.
I added a pair of strappy sandals also from Tesco (Ā£4!) they have a gorgeous gold plate down the middle of the shoe adding a touch of glamour.
I have worn this outfit three times in the last couple months; to the last Blogger Brunch (next brunch is the 16th, comment if you’d like to join), a formal event and a lunch with friends. I doubt I’ll be able to wear this combination for much longer with the Autumn months coming, but that just means looking for new ways to style these.

(Eternal thanks to the ever patient Matt for both taking, and editing these photos for me. You are incredibly talented.)

*pricing is a rough estimate, as I don’t have the tags to hand.