Lace and Pleats: Making the most of the remaining British Sunshine

This, is probably my favourite outfit of this year so far. I’m a real girly-girl and a good portion of my wardrobe is either lace, pleated, pink or white.
The top was a sale find from Tesco (£7), the sleeveless topics made of huge lace flowers with lots of little holes around the lace and the centre of the flowers. The arms and neck have a scalloped lace hem to add an extra detail. I especially love the high neck, it keeps the top demure. I have an incredible nude bra I wear under this, ore wise this would call for a nude vest underneath.
The skirt was an early spring purchase from Primark (£11) that I’ve worn previously with a stripped 3/4 sleeve body and a lace cap sleeve body. The floaty mess of this skirt call for a more fitted top. This moves beautifully and is made for this top. I did have to fix the waistband on this recently as the stitching had starts to come apart.
I added a pair of strappy sandals also from Tesco (£4!) they have a gorgeous gold plate down the middle of the shoe adding a touch of glamour.
I have worn this outfit three times in the last couple months; to the last Blogger Brunch (next brunch is the 16th, comment if you’d like to join), a formal event and a lunch with friends. I doubt I’ll be able to wear this combination for much longer with the Autumn months coming, but that just means looking for new ways to style these.

(Eternal thanks to the ever patient Matt for both taking, and editing these photos for me. You are incredibly talented.)

*pricing is a rough estimate, as I don’t have the tags to hand.

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