A very Lush Christmas Party (In October)

I started planning for Christmas in late August, so receiving word that Lush were planning on throwing their Christmas event a couple Mondays ago was cause for great excitement.

These events focus around showing off the new seasonal ranges (Halloween and Christmas, two of my favorite holidays) with a bunch of highly excitable enthusiastic people.


Upon arrival there were themed, Vegan sweet treats. Not only were they helping us with our sugar fix, they looked like the products we would be leaving with at the end of the night!!

Autumn Leaf
L-R Boo, Monsters Ball, Goth Fairy, Lord of Misrule.

The first things we were introduced to were the Halloween Range, there is far too much to photograph but I snapped a few of my favorites. Goth Fairy appeals to my inner eighteen year old who used to cover herself with body glitter before a night out, and this adorable shimmer bar moisturises whilst it makes you sparkle like a Cullen.

My next two favorites were the adoreable Boo, A ghost Bath melt with a high Cocoa Butter content, and the incredibly Disney-esk Monsters Ball. This bath bomb smells incredible, looks like Sulley from Monsters Inc and his eye constantly floats to the top of the bath.



Lush is bath bombs galore with Golden Wonder stealing my heart, and the starry Shoot for the Stars.

So pretty!!

The soaps in Lush always take my breath away, I feel like there’s no way I can treat a family member to one of these beauties without first showing them the whole thing!!


One of my all time favourite Lush products is the Christingle body conditioner, and I was lucky enough to have a demonstration instore, some people like Rose Jam or Snow Fairy but for me its Christingle. I use it whenever I go for a swim to treat my skin after the Chlorine.




I left Lush with what seemed like hundreds of photos, and on such a high!!


Alongside being given an amazing look at all the Lush products we were gifted a few goodies to take home with us. This post is very much my own words and feelings, with Many Thanks to Lush for their generosity and treating us all like VIPs.


6 thoughts on “A very Lush Christmas Party (In October)

    • Hey Alice, it was a brilliant event. I’m looking back on it now and thinking I need to add so much more to this post. Did you see Rhians video/haul from the event? It was brilliant. Have you messaged Plymouth Lush on Twitter about getting on thier blog list? Xx


    • Thank you lovely, and never excuse a pun. They are one of the simple pleasures in life! I’m a huge Lush fan too, the events are invite only but contact Plymouth Lush on Twitter to see if you can get on thier blogger list. 😊 what bits are you looking to try from the new Lush range? X


      • Now that’s cool! Thank you ever so much, I will get in contact with them! Boo looks really cute along with Monsters Ball, it sure does look like Sully. How adorable! Their Christmas products are really cute and very christmassy.


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