Sunday’s were made for Brunch, and Dungaree dresses

A couple Sundays ago, a bunch of us went for our monthly blogger brunch. We popped along to Bella Italia, where we basically had the place to ourselves and had the best morning. It’s one of those relaxed informal things I seriously look forward to, especially as the lovely Nicole was happy to play model/photographer afterwards.
There were two things I was most excited about shooting with this outfit: firstly the most ridiculous and beautiful 70’s inspired scarf my parents brought back from thier holiday, and secondly this denim dungaree dress. I’ve had this dress about a month, worn it almost every weekend and Instagrammed it twice already (here and here) and generally love how easy this piece is. I bought it on a trip to Matalan with Sally, who also now owns this dream of a dress. The scarf was also an exciting wear, I’ve had this about two months and been unable to wear it because my poorly psoriasis hands would have damaged it.

This dress comes from the plus size range at Matalan (Papaya Curve), which I didn’t even know existed until I stumbled across this dress. The range goes upto a size 28, and it’s very fashion forward collection. It’s a brilliant piece because the denim makes it a neutral, it works brilliantly over a roll neck jumper or white shirt. This dress is warm, beautiful and well fitted. It’s an easy cross seasonal piece which I doubt will be leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

The material is a lovely thick indigo denim with the deepest pockets I have ever come across. I recon I could fit my IPad mini in them.

Basically I love this dress, and I also love these photos Nicole is such a babe 🙂


Dress – Matalan (closest version) , Boots – Clarks (similar), Hat – Peacocks (similar) , Socks – Primark, Scarf – Gift, Coat – Chairty Shop


I am one of those crazy people who won’t wear tights until December hits. Partially because unless I’m ill, I don’t really feel the cold. And partially because I’m a bit lazy and always forget to replace my tights. If any of you are worrying about my health, I now have tights 🙂

– Emily

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s were made for Brunch, and Dungaree dresses

  1. I love the autumnal colours of this outfit. I’m going to have to get myself to one of the Plymouth meet ups. I moved to Plymouth in September and I’m keen to meet bloggers.
    Kate xx


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