Nine Things I Learnt From Being A Bridesmaid

I don’t if I’ve mentioned it, but I was recently a bridesmaid. A few weeks ago one of my best friends married her best friend at the prettiest Dorset venue and I got to play Bridesmaid along with three of the other women who she loved dearly. Anyway, what I wanted to do was pull together a lost, on the things I learnt from being a Bridesmaid;

Your best friends best friends, are probably awesome

I shared my bridesmaid duties with three lovely girls, who cared as much for Hannah as I did. Through being involved with the planning, helping arrange a Hen do, decorating a venue, and all other wedding duties I have made at least one friend I expect to have for a long time.

Group work is just as stressful outside of university

The day I graduated I was doing a secret little happy dance (whenever my stress migrane wasn’t trying to destroy my brain) at the knowledge group work was over. How wri3ng I was; there was a Hen do which needed planning by my friends nearest and dearest in my near future. I think planning anything with a group of people you don’t know, when your only method of contact is a group chat is naturally and inadvertently stressful.

How to dethorn roses

Whilst setting up the venue I asked the florist (which was a friend of the couple) if she needed a hand, and I got set about de-thorning roses. It’s ridiculously easy, you just use a nail to pop the thorns off (being careful of the tiny ones).

How to make a pocket square 

Josh didn’t have a pocket square to match his tie, and it was my job to fashion the thing. After over complicating how to cut the darn thing, I sat in a corner sewing those four corners by hand as neatly as I could.

There are some wonderful photos of my moody little concentration face in the background of people getting thier hair and make up done.

I can, actually, go braless

I don’t own a strapless bra, once I passed an E cup I found the style didn’t work for me, and I wasn’t about fork up £40 for a Basque I’d wear once, so I nervously went braless for the day. I didn’t embarrass myself, or look as terrible ad I worried I would sans brassiere, thank goodness for corset backed dresses and the supported they offer.

Flower girls will become your BFFs

Hannah had two adorable flower girls, one who was around three and shy, and the other incredibly charming and enthusiastic eight year old. All the bridesmaids spent the prep, wedding day, and reception chatting away, playing with or dancing with her.

Small things will be unintentionally overlooked 

The centre pieces were really beautiful hurricane lanterns (which had been hand polished the night before!) filled with Moss, ivy, fairy lights and candles. After the Wedding Buffet Connie and I (along with our partners) blew out each candle, switched on the lights, and re lit each candle.

We also made the boys move the seating plan before the meal, because it wasn’t in the best place.

Wedding withdrawl is a thing

I am still missing Hannah and Josh’s Wedding. From the excitement of getting the venue ready the night before, and the 7 am start time on the day to add some finishing touches, walking down a aisle ahead of my friend in her fairy tale dress to giggling with one of the bridesmaids and our partners throughout the day. I can see why Heidi and Seal renewed thier vows so often.

The professional photos, seem to take forever 

As I have mentioned here, my partner is a wedding photographer and I know first hand how time consuming editing photos from one incredible day can be. This is the first time I’ve experienced what it’s like to be on the other end, and I cannot wait to see everything from the formal shots to the portraits, first dance and everything in between.

– Emily

😘👰 🎩

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