Next time I’m looking for a new dress, Peacocks will be my first port of call


Honestly Peacocks is such an underrated shop.

My first working wardrobe was primarily populated thanks to this lovely shop. It allowed me to feel smart and express my personality in an affordable manner. When you factor in, that it was a commission, only door to door sales role you can see why affordability was so key…

Two of my absolute favourite dresses, are sale rail finds from Peacocks. This dress from last year, and this new (ish) one I’m slightly in love.

Red. Floral. Very loud, but still smart enough for work. When anyone comments on this, I refer to it as my Stevie Nicks dress.

I wore this to an interview for goodness sake. It let me feel pulled together, serious, but still very much myself.

This hits just below the knee, has a full fluted sleeve and a little frill detail on the bust and back. All of which add to the individuality of the dress, without adding any extra bulk. As someone who gravitates towards the plus size section, the fact this doesn’t add anything extra to the silhouette.

The only thing I’m not keen on with this is the thin tie neck. I like how I have it hear wth an almost key hole detail, but I will be sewing or gluing the knot in place and shortening the ends of the ties.

Thank to Matt for taking some dreamy photos of this dress, note to self; pack shoes for the next photo shoot.

Have you shopped in Peacocks recently? (I haven’t, this is from mid February…)

– Emily

(The bag is another Peacocks find, it felt very Chloe esk and i was drawn to it as its so different to anything I own)


Because, bags can also be hats… Yes?

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