Barbican Blogger Night; Cocktails, Pizza and Cinema

A little while ago, the The Barbican Leisure Park invited a few bloggers on a night out.

I’ve been visiting the Leisure Park since I got a Saturday job as a teenager. It was the venue for my first date, and many, many subsequent dates. It’s where I first discovered Cheesy Bites, and that I am terrible at bowling.

It’s the only place I feel completely, unhesitatingly confident driving as I know the route so well.

Accepting that invite was an easy yes.

We started off at Pizza Express, where there were cocktails and doughballs (and olives, and sun-dried tomatoes and all sorts of incredible things).

We got to sample the new drinks menu, with a light Tails Cocktail as a welcome drink. Espresso Martini’s are an easy favourite any time, and Pizza Express’ addition of vanilla added a sweet edge to the cocktail.

At Bella Italia, we shared some of the new menu options family style. Carbonara, Marinara pasata, Pollo Piccante pizza and a couple delicious vegan options with the both a pizza (i can’t find the name of), and a spaghetti in a lentil ragu.

The pizza was my first time trying Vegan cheese and there was no, noteable difference, i really enjoyed it.

We then split off into smaller groups, a few of the bloggers went to see A Simple Favor (Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick👌), a couple made their way home and Nicole and I went to see Venom.

Avoiding spoilers, it was as fun as the trailers made it look.

We were lucky enough to be treated to the evening, but a trip to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do with Matt, family or friends.

It’s one of the better things about the cooler months, in the last couple weeks I’ve been to see First Man, and Bohemian Rhapsody.Mow just to tick A Star is Born off the watch list…

I’ve added a little highlights section on my Instagram from the evening if you fancy a gander.

Plymouth Turtle Bay Launch Night

Sometimes all you need in life is good food, the company of some incredible friends and delicious drinks.

Last Thursday, I got to visit the new Turtle Bay, with Nicole. We got hugged within moments of entering , and skipped the rum punch to grab some delicious mocktails. Nicole is teetotal, and I’m not a big drinker (a choice I make partially from being a light weight, and also because I’d rather spend that five or ten pound on a new pair of earrings or book any day of the week).

We found a wall of fairy lights, took the obligatory selfies and boomerangs before going for a wander round the restaurant.

We found Jemma and Corinna, and Adam and Alice found us. The rest of the evening consisted of far too many drinks (the mojihto was incredible, and definetly alcoholic), sampling everything that flew by, trying to spot Milly and being blown away by how cute the toilets were.

There were almost 800 people in the venue, and when the live music started Alice and I hovered back and stole quarters of pineapples studded with prawns whilst everyone else rushed to get a better view.

This time last year the most interesting thing I could be doing in the same venue would be watching someone get annoyed at the self service kiosk in the post office.

Thank you Turtle Bay for a very fun evening. Now…. To make a dinner reservation for my birthday next week…

– Emily


Turtle Bay launched its 230 seat restaurant Sunday 22nd October. Slightly exciting fact: this is the furthest south restaurant they have in the UK at present.

All photos from official photographer at the launch event.

13 Thoughts I had during BIG The Musical

A little while ago, I was in the Theatre Royal excited to watch Big The Musical. The show is starting it’s tour in Plymouth before moving to Ireland on its world tour.

A few weeks prior to this I popped into the Theatre to have a chat with Becca, the Theatre were setting up a Blogger Scheme and my application had been shortlisted. This is the entire reason I was at the Theatre on a Tuesday night to attend a show with a bunch of people I had yet to meet. The eleven of us were at different stages blogging wise, but we all shared the same love of theatre. We were lucky enough to be shown around backstage by the Gary Wilmot, who, aside from being one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, really made time to share what it’s like to set up for a show ahead of press night.

Big is a real childhood favourite, so being given this chance to watch the stage adaption was something I was seriously overexcited about.reviewing shows isn’t one of my fortes. I get far too over excited and love everything, so I thought I’d pull together a post of thoughts during the show. You get an insight into my 100 mile an hour brain:

  1. The show is worth seeing, if only for Jay in his pants.
  2. Managing to hold back the tears during I want to Go Home was an achievement, I wanted to give Josh a hug so badly 😦
  3. I was not expecting that keyboard scene to look how it did. A true thing of beauty.
  4. Going to a show with like minded strangers proved really, really fun.
  5. The screens for the staging (which were 4.5 tonnes btw) were breath taking. Seeing it before the show when it looked pretty ordinary only added to this.
  6. I LOVE that Josh’s flat was so similar to the film, I was so envious of it as a kid.
  7. Can I persuade Matt that the first dance at our imaginary wedding should be Stars?…
  8. Why havent I downloaded Fun already?
  9. Can I please have Diana’s jumper from Act 2, Scene 2?
  10. I need to dance like noone’s watching more often…
  11. Diana Vickers is incredible. Her voice is breath taking, her character accessible and her stage presence… just wow!
  12. Gary Wilmot is not only hilarious, but lovely. He gave us a backstage tour and my final images of him punting as the stage rotated around will always bring a smile to my face
  13. I cant think of a single person who could have channeled Tom Hank’s adoreable niavity and integrity better than Jay. His character was a nod to the source material, whilst remaining original and organic.


Ps – if you are looking for more serious and knowledgeable reflections on shows I can’t recommend the lovely Ellie enough.

The Theatre Royal were lovely enough to gift the tickets to myself and the others on the scheme, but the above thoughts are entirely my own.

A very Lush Christmas Party (In October)

I started planning for Christmas in late August, so receiving word that Lush were planning on throwing their Christmas event a couple Mondays ago was cause for great excitement.

These events focus around showing off the new seasonal ranges (Halloween and Christmas, two of my favorite holidays) with a bunch of highly excitable enthusiastic people.


Upon arrival there were themed, Vegan sweet treats. Not only were they helping us with our sugar fix, they looked like the products we would be leaving with at the end of the night!!

Autumn Leaf
L-R Boo, Monsters Ball, Goth Fairy, Lord of Misrule.

The first things we were introduced to were the Halloween Range, there is far too much to photograph but I snapped a few of my favorites. Goth Fairy appeals to my inner eighteen year old who used to cover herself with body glitter before a night out, and this adorable shimmer bar moisturises whilst it makes you sparkle like a Cullen.

My next two favorites were the adoreable Boo, A ghost Bath melt with a high Cocoa Butter content, and the incredibly Disney-esk Monsters Ball. This bath bomb smells incredible, looks like Sulley from Monsters Inc and his eye constantly floats to the top of the bath.



Lush is bath bombs galore with Golden Wonder stealing my heart, and the starry Shoot for the Stars.

So pretty!!

The soaps in Lush always take my breath away, I feel like there’s no way I can treat a family member to one of these beauties without first showing them the whole thing!!


One of my all time favourite Lush products is the Christingle body conditioner, and I was lucky enough to have a demonstration instore, some people like Rose Jam or Snow Fairy but for me its Christingle. I use it whenever I go for a swim to treat my skin after the Chlorine.




I left Lush with what seemed like hundreds of photos, and on such a high!!


Alongside being given an amazing look at all the Lush products we were gifted a few goodies to take home with us. This post is very much my own words and feelings, with Many Thanks to Lush for their generosity and treating us all like VIPs.


What to wear to a blogger event?

I distinctly remember attending my firstt blogger event last year and feeling nervous about a hundred different things: would the bloggers be nice, would I be treated like an outsider, would I be able to keep up with thier conversations, what the heck were you even meant to wear to a blogging event?

New situations make you uncertainty, and uncertainty can make you feel nervous. Ultimately I dressed a little more “up” than I would normally, I put a few curls in my hair and popped a pair not heeled boots.

It turns out that it was pointless to worry though everyone looked incredibly stylish they did so in a jeans and scrappy vest, or a sleeveless knit. I slipped my boots off and spent the afternoon talking to a bunch of the nicest people (post here).

If your looking for a bit of inspiration, here’s a collection of outfits from events across the seasons:

The Garden Picnic Look:

My first event, I wanted to dress a bit trendy with the 70’s style skirt, but not go against the relaxed nature of the event. 
The Afternoon Tea Look:

This was around Christmas-time I wore a belted Poncho I had made from a picnic blanket,curled my hair and popped a red peplem top and jeans on. Warm, comfortable and perfect for browsing through some shops after.
The Straight after work look:

I kept a nod to the trends in a bardot setyle off the shoulder top, which I paired with a very full midi skirt. As this was a makeup event I kept my look natural for work with a pretty braid.
The pretty summer dress/brunch look:

If you can’t dress up for brunch, when can you? This was my first time wearing this gorgeous Primark dress and will not be the last time. I paired thus with the same boots i seem to wear to every event!

The themed event look

The last blogger event was Alice Themed so I opted for a light blue headscarf in Alice style colours, a little Skirt and an oversized T Shirt with a scene for the book. Inkeeping with the theme and my style without bordering on fancy dress.

Ultimately wear whatever the heck you want. Other bloggers aren’t any different to your normal circle of friends, wear something that makes you happy. Generally when it comes to a blogger event I’ll wear something new, whether that’s a dress or lipstick. Working in an office I relish an opportunity to dress-up.

– Emily

Miss Ivy’s Vintage Fair’s, my expanding scarf collection and how I style vintage scarves

I love vintage style, you probably won’t find me doing full vintage but there will likely be a vintage nod or element to my look. One of my favourite events of the year is the Vintage Fair at Plymouths Guildhall organised by Miss Ivy Events (I bloody love the Guildhall!) and April’s event was no exception. Sally and I popped along with my sister and we spent a good couple hours falling in love with everything from jewellery and glassware to lamps constructed from teacups and teapots.

I tend to skip the clothes at vintage fairs, unless there’s a small rail on a stand I tend to feel overwhelmed. I do however always feel drawn to scarves (something that has been increased by last weeks Sewing Bee. Lingerie out of old silk scarves?!!). At the last fair I attended I approached Bag End Bags explaining that I wanted to try wearying headscarves, but was unsure what I should be looking for. I have long loved the look of headscarves but find that high street scarves never really hit the mark, so it was incredible to impart some knowledge. She took me through a few of the affordably priced scarves in her collection and recommended trying a chiffon scarf, as this was material that most women would have worn in the 50’s and 60’s, I ended iup leaving with the most gorgeous silky yellow polka dot scarf and a green patterned chiffon scarf. Out of the two I reached for the chiffon number more often than not, the material is not only impactful but has an incredible staying power.

I have a lot of fine hair and chiffon scarves sit really nicely against my head, with the need for an absolute minimum of Bobby pins. Pair with this my tendency towards headaches anything that minimises pressure on my head is much appreciated! I looked through the fair for appropriate scarves and purchased one with minor flaws from Vintage and Retro Plymouth (a lovely store previously a part of the Pannier Market who were my entry to vintage) and two more from Bag Ends Bags.

This is how I tend to wear the scarves, I need ro be careful how I style these as it’s very easily to look like a doll or very childlike with these pieces. I will often offset it by tucking away the tails of the bow with some hair grips, or by double wrapping it so the knot ends under my hairline and I have a sleek alice band style look.


Heart eyes emoji

This one is my favourite

There are a few things to bare In mind when buying vintage: firstly, always examine what you’ve picked up in detail. Check hems, where price tags have been placed and areas of wear. If you do find an imperfection ensure that its something you don’t mind being damaged beyond repair in future.

For example, the peach scarve I have tied the biggest bow ever had holes in it, but I knew that how I wanted to wear it wouldn’t affect the look too much. And this sort of brings me onto my second tip: don’t be afraid to haggle! I got the damaged scarf from £2 to £1, meaning if the tear gets bigger and renders the scarf unwearable I won’t be so irritated. Sally managed to drop the price of a denim jacket she wanted by a couple pounds just by asking, it might feel awkward but most traders expect people to try to haggle.

Finally get to know the stall holders, or in the least make small talk! When I found the navy headscarf I started chatting to the lady on the stall about the other bits I’d bought from her and what I was after, she picked up the beautiful blue polka dot scarf from one of her displays, something I hadn’t even seen, and that made my interpretation of the Alice theme at May’s Blogger Meet so much more me!

I love these fairs as alongside brilliant stalls, they have a lovely pop up cafe with fine bone vintage China and delicious cakes, brilliant cat walk shows and create such an amazing atmosphere.

I can’t wait for the next one, maybe to start saving my pennies for the next scarf bundle or possibly a vintage necklace?

Miss Ivy organises a huge amount of events across the Plymouth area, if you wanted to check out the events calendar it can be found here, including an event on Plymouth’s Piazza this Sunday!

– Emily

Half Term Adventures 

One of the absolute joys of working in a school is, of course, the enviable holidays we get. Not only did we get a nice week off, but the weather was completely on point. I took the opportunity to go on a few little adventures during the week and ended with a little sunburn. So here are a few snaps from my fun in the Cornish sun.

First up was the Monkey Sanctuary near Looe with my Mum and little 3 year old nephew. We had a wonder around the beautiful grounds and a look at some of the cheekiest monkeys that they have rescued. And for the price of admission you can go as many times as you want for the next year…bonus.

Next order of business was a dog walk at Seaton beach in the late afternoon. The cool sea air was a god send considering how hot and stuff the days were. 

And in case you needed any more proof that the weather was beautiful, my sunburnt back, legs, arms and chest are proof enough. This is why I shouldn’t be allowed out in the sun without proper supervision. 

Hope you all had a wonderful time in whatever of the weather you got to enjoy and that you were a little bit more sensible than me. I’d love to know if you have recommendations of place to go or things to do in the South West.
Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂