#PlymouthBloggerMeet Fun in the Sun at Mount Edgecumbe.

A little bit of a throw back for you today. A few weekends ago it was the #PlymouthBloggerMeet, arranged by the delightful Ellie (littleelliemae.co.uk). The event was held at The Orangery at Mount Edgecumbe on a beautiful May Saturday. Emily and I arrived a little early and decided to take some pictures in the gorgeous surroundings of Mount Edgecumbe. And here’s the fun we had.

In case you were wondering about my outfit:

Top: New Look (old)

Bottoms: Primark

Shoes: Vans Sk8 Hi

The Gods could not have been more on our side with the weather, we could not have asked for better.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Billy Elliot Theatre Royal Plymouth

February was a whirlwind month for me, I changed jobs which resulted in an exponentially increased commute time  and generally felt like the busiest person in the world. I’m not, that would probably be one of the heads of state, or possibly Ellie.

One thing I did manage to do was see Billy Elliot. Around a month ago a message popped up in my email The Theatre Royal Plymouth were running two dress rehersals and there was the opportunity for local bloggers and those connected to the theatre to watch the show before its launch.

I think i replied to her around five seconds after recieving her message. I bloody love the theatre, instead of a physical gift this year my parents got me vouchers for the theatre.


I phoned my mum to invite her along with me to see the show and she squeaked, she was so excited she stopped being able to converse. Being able to treat my mum who is one of the hardest working and most optimistic people in my life was amazing, and I will remain grateful to the theatre for this.

Neither of us knew what to expect from the show, we hadn’t seen the film version and knew it was about a boy and his discovery of ballet. I actively avoid seeing different interpretations of plays/musicals that are new to me ahead of time, I want the theatre and this performance to be my first experience.

This is the first dress rehearsal I’ve attended and it really added to the experience. The evening began with the director walking onto stage to invite us to the very, very, very first dress rehearsal. He further shared that the show really was a work in progress as he was still working on the script.


I was blown away by Billy Elliot after about 15 minutes. The entite cast are incredibly skilled, and everything from the choreography to thier accents are testament to the skill of all involved. I laughed and I cried, I held my mums hand and talked excitedly in the interval to fellow theatre goers.

I could not recommend the show more highly, I can’t remember being this pleasantly suprised by a show since Legally Blonde The Musical. It’s a simple and beautiful story, told with such emotional depth it rings very true. The young actors are so talented, and they carry this show so much.

I find it very interesting that there are three four different Billy’s amongst the players, this means that you could see the same show multiple times and still experience it differently. I’m keeping my eye out for posts from other bloggers who may have been lucky enough to see this twice, to see how they found the different show nights.

Have you seen Billy Elliot, or are you looking forward to another show?

I would like to thank the Theatre for the opportunity to see this show before opening night, and for enabling me to share this evening with my mum.


No 7 Match Made Service In Boots, Plymouth Drake Circus. Review

When this post goes up, Christmas will be a day away! I will be going out to an early dinner with my family and seeing the pantomime at The Theatre Royal, hopefully persuading everyone that we need a Cointreau Hot Chocolate from The Treasury before our journey home.

Now, back to the post and away from my Christmasy excitement! Recently we were invited by No7 at Drakes Circus to experience thier Match Made Service at a private lock in event. No7 is an established brand that any beauty fanaticcan recognise, partially from its very body positive and female friendly image, and secondly from its placement in Boots Stores, its a counter I walk past regularly and havent graviated towards overly for a while.


When I first got into makeup at roughly age nineteen, I went to No7 as it was an afforable brand where I could get advice on an area that was very unknown to me. I stopped visiting No7 as they discontinued the foundation I was fond of, and from here started sampling other brands both high and low end. Realisitically I owe a lot of my make up knowledge to them for these foundation years. Thier brushes, alongside Real Techniques are ones I use everytime I do my makeup, and my blush brush at eight years old is still perfect and shed free.



Anyway, we were welcomed to the event by the lovely ladies from No7 and had a little catch up whilst we wiated for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, this one was particularly exciting for me as Sally could join me. This was her first blogger event, and our first shared one. The table was set up beautiful, with hand written name tags, gift bags and the most beautiful tea cups for us to drink from and plates of snacks. After an over view of No7 as a brand, which is almost as old as Boots itself and started as a skin care brand, we were intorduced to the Match Made Service.


The Match Made Service is unique to No7, and has been around for five years, it was inspired by decoraters and painters and is an incredibly unique system. the handhels device in the image above, takes 200 photos using LED lights which is repeated twice along a cleansed jawline so to get the most accurate reading. The device was tested originally on hundreds of different skin tones so to create a strong profile to build upon. From here they developed seventeen different shades, when you consider that there are also twleve different types of foundation to chose from No7 have a huge range to select from.

My lipstick options, I opted for Rose Berry Moisture Drench.

This is where the Match Made Service comes in handy, your shade is identified (I was calico), and after a couple questions about your preferences a foundation type is recommended. This is the first time ive hand my make up done for while, and having my face cleansed was suprisingly relaxing. It helped that No7 has such lovely friendly employees, I was put at ease and we discussed everything from Disney to lipstick preferences and makeup tips. For instance, as the foundation was being applied I leaned that you use downwards brush strokes so not to disturb the small hairs on your face.

Another really special thing about this service is that they are more than happy to go back to the beginning and change something up. If your not a fan of the coverage level, you can try a different base. If the lipstick shade isnt “you” , they’re happy to switch it up and let you see a different one on yourself.

My very moody selfie after experiencing the Match Made Service

Above is a less moody selfie with Ellie, we were both matched as Callico (like several of the bloggers at the event), and I think this is a lovely example of the subtle differences between the same base recommendation. I think I will be popping in to get this foundation as aside from my Rimmel bottle running out, I cant get over how good a match this was for my skin tone.

I loved the finished look, I’d like to play around a bit more with blushes avaiable as I felt this was a little too warm for me, but aside from this I thought this was the most natually pretty my skin had looked in the longest time. The Match Made Service is perfect for a post Christmas treat, especially if your looking to refresh your look. If your looking for a treat, where you can leave with a couple samples and not too much pressure for a sale they would be worth visiting. Especially if you consider the Plymouth Branch has a private area slightly away from the rest of the store, so you can feel comfortable even without your makeup on.

Before we left the event we were given some goodie bags, with a couple gift packs and a small burlap sack with skin care products matched to the needs we discussed prior to the event with Chlo. Im not going to show you whats inside the gift packs, incase you get them as a gift tomorrow! The cracker is part of a set, and the pyramid is a gift with purchase so they could even be gifts to yourself.



Did you want to read a different perspective on this? You could read Sally’s from a couple weeks earlier. A few of my fellow bloggers from the evening who documented the night: Ellie, Nicole, Rhain, Sam and Elle.

Now this post isnt sponsored, this is exactly the level of service you would recieve from visiting any No7 counter. I was gifted a couple bits, which Im incredibly grateful for, but there was no expectation to produce a post for this. I really wanted to share this experience, and pass along my recommendation for visiting one of these counters.

– Emily

No7 Event and the First Time I had my Make-Up Done.

So last Thursday Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to a No7 event here in Plymouth. It was to try out their Match Made service, which I had heard of but never tried myself. Now, No7 is a brand that I has always been around but I’ve never really thought of for myself. I remember stealing my first ever lipstick from my mum and it was a gorgeous plum shade by No7, and I loved it. Since hitting my twenties I’ve come to realise that the brands I associate with my mum are actually really great brands (why do mums always know best even with make up) and No7 is definitely an example of that.

Cute set up at the event with personalised gift bag 🙂

They gave us a run down of the Match Made service and how it works and I made notes so I’ll pass those onto you. Well, the gist I got was they have a camera that has 200 LED lights and takes a picture of your clean skin (usually on the jawline because of less pigmentation). The camera then let’s you know your shade, one of 17 shades and then you can choose from 12 different types of coverages and finishes. From the shade you are given you can match your concealer, your powder, your lipstick and now your blusher. And so that’s how it works, it’s been running for a few years now and all products and developments are tested on over 2000 women to ensure quality.

The products used on me.

At the event we had the Match Made service used on us and got our make-up done, something that I have never had done before and I loved it. My shade was Calico and I matched it to a lipstick called Pink Hint and a publisher called Peony Mist both muted pinks. The first thing they did on my skin was take off my original make-up using the Beautiful Skin  Cleanising Water, the I was moisturised using Beautiful Skin Day Cream and the Early Defense Eye Cream. Next was the Stay Perfect Primer which is a complete dupe for the Porefessional by Benefit but for a fraction of the price. After the primer was my foundation choice, I went for a foundation more light to medium coverage the Air Brush Away foundation in Calico and was lovely and light on the skin whilst being a decent coverage. Lastly, the Instant Radiance Concealer in 010 and the Match Made Concealer in 010 for under eyes and blemishes respectively.

The Air Brush Away foundation used on me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and having my make-up done for the first time. Everyone was so friendly and chatty and it has really enamored me to No7 again. So, if you have a No7 at and near you try out their Match Made service I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

My Weekend in Photos: Canary Warf, Hobbycraft Show and Fish

So this title is slightly deceptive as it will also include Monday, but please permit me this inaccuracy. I am currently on the job hunt, next week will be the third time in three weeks that I’ve been to London for interviews so this weekend is definitely out of the ordinary for me!!



Friday was a busy day for me, my fitbit registered 25,000 stops by the end if the day, this photo is of fish in Sutton Harbour. You might need to squint a bit but there’s a school of silver fish there. I stopped to take this picture as I always seem to see people fishing in the harbour, and it isn’t somewhere I’d have imagined to be a good location. However I saw so many little fish on my walk along the Harbour on Friday that I had to snap this.



Saturday was exciting, Saturday I went to The Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show in Exeter and it was amazing! Now im not the biggest crafter but I do have some crafty issues: I bake, I scrapbook and I sew. I just really fancied having a look and it was amazing.

I saw these awe inspiring machine stitched, intricately detailed animals:



The Costumes from Far From The Maddening Crowd




And I got to make a keyring with pressed flowers.


After the show I’m desperate to press flowers and get into felting!



Sunday I travelled to London, I got this snap of the Thames from the coach.



Interview day. I walked my friend to work, who lives in Canary Warf. I stopped to read through my notes by this fountain. (on a separate note I’m now in love with Canary Warf, it has such beautiful architecture)


I also stopped in Finsbury Square, it was a gorgeous Summer Day and it looked like perfection. It was filled with people soaking up some sun on thier lunchbreak.

And that’s it, the last photo I snapped over the four day period. I then caught a train home getting into Plymouth for Midnight and was in work by 12 the next day.

A lovely weekend, a rushed full and somewhat stressed one but lovely none the less. How were your weekends?