Four New Beauty Bits I’m Loving

I never really need an excuse for a lunchtime browse of Superdrug or Boots, add a wedding into the mix and I have a few new bits that won’t be far from my washbag for a little while.

Birth of Venus

This Jelly facemask leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and just amazing. It lasts six months, doesn’t need to be chilled, and you only need the smallest pinch to cover your whole face. I was gifted a tub of this at a Lush event a few weeks back, and I’ve used it about once a week (including the night before Hannah’s wedding).

£6.95 shop here

Batiste – Stylist Texture Me Texturizing Spray

This came in a Glossybox a couple months back, and I really like what it does to a braided hair style. This really adds some grip and hold to a style, without stickiness like hairsprays. I only use this on dirty hair, it’s impossible to brush this out without doing damage to my hair in the process so I wash it put instead.

£4.49 shop here

Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream Cotton

I knew after the makeup trial I wanted a dupe for the lipstick I would be wearing at Hannah’s wedding day, mainly because I found the delilah version so drying. A wondeful lady in my local Superdrug helped me swatch lip products for about 10 minutes to find a close match, and I adore this colour. It’s not drying, long lasting and lightly staining, wears nicely and has been in my handbag ever day since the wedding.

£2.99 shop here

Mitchum Advanced Control Anti Perspirant & Deodorant 

With a full day of bridesmaid duties in a maxi dress, I knew I needed a heavy duty deodorant. Fleur De Force frequently sings the praises of the Mitchum Deodorants, so I grabbed one to try out. And it’s now easily my favourite deodorant /antiperspirant . It was incredibly effective, both at the wedding and during the week whilst running around with my cousins.

£2.89 shop here 

– Emily 

You’re Never Too Old For A Playground.

January is over! Well if those aren’t three of my favourite words. January is done, its all up hill from here. There has been some horrendous weather these last few weeks, vicious wind and thundering rain but in-between the sun has been forcing its way through. So a friend and I decided to get out while we could, so I took us to where I spent my childhood playing for hours. We went to the Cargreen playground and stood in awe of its beauty, then we played in the play park. Age is just a number people.


One day I will have a house that close to a river or the sea.


Despite sunny pretences, there has been and there will be rain. Not long before this was taken a child in wellies was having the time of his life in that giant puddle.



I played on this aeroplane over 20 years ago. Its the only piece of play equipment that has survived the upgrade of this park.




This place is beautiful and filled with memories of the happiest childhood anyone could ask for. I can’t wait until its warm and sunny and can take pictures here again.

Outfit details:

  • Top – New Look
  • Jacket – Matalan
  • Trousers – H&M
  • Shoes – Nike SB

Anyway for now its back to lesson planning. Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂


A collective Boots, Superdrug and Lush Haul

Hello, today I have a collective drugstore haul for you. I’ve been picking up a few bits over the two or three months and thought it was the perfect reason for a blog post!

I also feel the need for a self imposed spending ban. All those little purchases add up!


Leafy and Lovely Hand Lotion.  £1

I picked up this hand cream just before my trip to Liverpool. I suffer from psoriasis and generally have dry hands, with no psoriasis flare up I would likely to forget my hand cream so this was an insurance purchase.

I wouldn’t recommend this as no matter how often I reapplied this product my hands still felt dry, Nivea Creme is a much more accessible option pricewise.

Barry M, It’s a Brow Thing: £4.99

After getting hooked on Hannah Gales videos and seeing how this product works in her routine I had to pick it up in the lightest colour. Sadly it is comically dark for my skin tone.

I applied this on my brunette mother, and dark blonde sister and it still came up too dark on the both of them. Please make this in a lighter shade Barry M, as both the texture and application are awesome.

Collection: Primed and Ready – £4.99

I was browsing Superdrug and spotted this. I love this Collection concealer, and the idea of having this in a palette makes me so happy.

Initially I couldn’t work out if I wants carry this around with me everyday, or save it for my main makeup bag. I’m playing about with this product, its lovely under the eyes but if you have dry patches it makes things look patchy.

MUA : Pro Base – £2.50

Sally has talked about how good MUA is previously, and I really needed a new powder so I thought this was the perfect introduction. I really like the colour match and set my foundation perfectly.

Tanya Burr – 12 Day Beauty Calendar – £15

I really want to try some of the higher end beauty calendars this year (No 7 and M&S I’m looking at you). The price of this makes it a lovely entry level product, and the few Tanya Burr products I have used have been lovely. If you want a sneak peak try this Fleur De Force post. (Another beauty calendar post work a glance is this one by Elle Simpson)

My only hesitation with this, is that I wish this had one of two of the new lipsticks in it 😕💄


L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask – £4.99

I am a big fan of The Sanctuary charcoal mask so when these clay masks came out this went straight in my basket. I’ve used it a couple times, but it’s not one I’m actually reach for. Though my skin feels lovely afterwards, it is distinctly uncomfortable for the first few minutes.

St Ives: Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub – £4.19

After the recent Satori event (post coming) I realised how important exfoliating was so I went back to an old favourite here’s hoping I can keep this a part of my routine!

Botanics facial oil Organic

After finishing my no7 night cream, I needed a new night treatment. Enter this Botanicals product. Botanicals is a brand  that Sally has written about in the past, and I’m a huge fan of face oils. Let’s see how I get on with this one…


Shower Jelly – Snowman £3.95

I’m more of a bath than shower person, but his product may just convert me. This smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling equally incredible.

Lip Scrub – Sugar Plum Fairy £5.95

I love a lips Scrub and this Christmasy sugar scrub is just dreamy.

Body Conditioner – Christingle £9.95

Probably my favourite Lush product. This minty tingly product enables me to be lazy efficient by combining my shower gel and moisturiser whilst feeling very indulgent.

Bath Bomb – Golden Wonder 34.25

The bath bomb I feel in love with at the Lush event, that has left my bedroom smelling just beautiful. I’m a little sad as this has started to crack which affected the experience of the bomb, but I still enjoyed it. My skin felt gorgeous and soft afterwards.

Soaps – Shooting Stars and Santa’s Postbox

Two Soap samples. Shooting Stars is already a firm favourite with it’s incredible Starburst-Esk scent.

Hand Lotion – Charity Pot £3.50

This product is a repurchase anytime I pop into lush. The hand cream is slightly on the greasy size, but it’s very moisturizing and get to work quickly. This is an older tub as my new tub went straight on my desk at work.

Toner Water – Eau Roma Water £8.50

As with the exfoliator satori really drums into me the importance of a toner in your skincare routine. I picked this one up on at the recommendation of one of the lovely lush staff. The Rose in this product is meant to be good call skin prone to redness.

Bath Bomb – Monsters Ball £4,25

I also picked up a Monsters Ball which made bath time very fun, how could this cutie do anything else?


Aside from the Lush items I picked all these up with my own money. Lush Plymouth were kind enough to gift a few products , and I picked up a few on the night. The Charity Pot is a desk essential for me…

New Pin Haul.

I love pins. They are so versatile and fun. You can wear them on the lapel of your denim or leather jacket or on a bag or purse or really wherever you want. They can be so easily changed from piece to piece to go on whatever it is you’re wearing.

So I found really fun online store called Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. They have a great range of fun and political pins and I just had to get myself some of the feminist ones. And this is what I got.



These are the three pins that I bought myself and they all have a feminist theme.



This ‘feminist killjoy’ pin is going straight onto my oversized vintage denim jacket. I love the fact that at first glance you wouldn’t even realise what it said, but look close enough and you will know what I’m trying to say with this pin.



This ‘behold my feminist agenda’ pin is going to have to go everywhere with me, because so does my feminist agenda.



And this might be my favourite pin of all the ones I bought. The ‘I’m not sorry about your fragile masculinity’ pin says everything I knew I needed to say and now I can say it every time I leave the house.


In terms of quality, the pins are all metal with secure fastenings at the back to be put on to your clothes. Also, the delivery was fast and well packaged so no worry of any breakages. AND in the package you are given a chocolate and a refreshers sweet, aka the fastest way to my heart.



In case you want to peruse the website yourself the business card above will direct to the site. The customer service is great and I cannot recommend them enough. They have a great selection of retro designs if you don’t want to scream your feminist persuasions from your lapels.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂



I bought new shoes! Mini Primark Haul

I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.
Paulo Nutini

Shoes are an area of styling that I tend to struggle with. Presently I have a series of shoe genres I stick to: androgynous (brogues and moccasins), feminine (ballet flats), vintage (t bar) and boots (chunky ankle types). I have heels and higher boots, and a few plimsoles but shoes confound me.

I know what I like (strappy, t bar or animal print), and I wear those shoes to death. This is why I found myself in need of some new ballet flats (or dolly shoes if you prefer). I find these shoes go with the majority of my wardrobe, from jeans and tees to smart workwear and ditsy summer dresses. However, because of the nature of these flats I find they don’t last long. I started 2016 with six pairs of flats which I could rotate and love, and I found myself binning the second to last pair of these in August when the soles started separating from the sides.
Cue a need for new ballet flats and a trip to Drake Circus. After trying New Look in search of any bargain flats (I’m a touch cash strapped at present) I ventured to Primark looking for a pair of simple black ballet straps, and I hit the jackpot.

The first things I saw was this lovely pair of black ballet flats with an ankle strap, allowing me to feel all vintagey and retro. These are also lovely as I can alternate them with my pointed T Bar flats I’ve been favouring recently. I can see myself wearing these in a work, or more professional environment.

Just around the corner from these I found some elasticated fold up black flats, and could resist them. I often walk into work with trainers or plimsoles on to offer my feet a bit of support, and slip into a pair of flats when I get in. These fold up smart shoes mean I can easily do this, and not lose space in my bag! I wore these to an interview this week, and they proved very comfortable.

Finally I saw these leopard print flats. I-love-Leopard print. I feel like this print lifts an outfit from simple and pulled together to fashionable and edgy. I tried these on, loved how they looked with my skinny jeans, and popped them straight in my basket. I wore these to the Bridget Jones event this week (post pending!) and around my home town the next day and they looked incredible. They had started to rub a touch the next day, but nothing horrific.

All in all, I don’t think you can beat Primark for ballet flats. And in this case, I cannot wait to see how I can pair the leopard print and strappy flats with more of my wardrobe.
Have you been shoe shopping in Primark recently? Are you a flats or heels fan?
– Emily

H&M Haul.

I have always been a big fan of H&M, such better quality compared to primark and not that much more expensive. So when you have some spare cash and you see some discounts H&M is a good bet. So here’s what I got.


This is a patterned racer back vest and was only about £3.99. It is a little see through, but nothing a good black bra won’t fix. Perfect for work or play.


Next is a black and white striped, jersey, long sleeved top for only £7.99. Again it’s a little see through but a black vest will fix that and it is so soft you can’t complain.


Next is a blue and white (it’s a dark navy but trust me it’s blue) polo shirt from the conscious range. Its 100% organic cotton and for some reason I’ve been wanting a polo shirt for a while.


Next is the same as the black and white striped top but in a zig zag pattern.


The last thing is a very light sky blue shirt. Perfect for summer work wear and a bargain at only £10 in the sale.

So that’s what I got myself. Thanks to discounts it was all only £35…yay! I will say with H&M that I always size up as the sizes tend to run small, other than that I live everything.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

The Best Sports Bra Ever.

As bras go they may not be the prettiest or most comfortable but I would argue they are one of the most important. When I’m killing it on the cross trainer I would like my ladies to stay where they are and not take my eye out. Now I haven’t got the biggest bust but I’m a D cup and I can find excersise hard on my bust. But not anymore.

I have tried a fair few sports bras in my time. When I was first starting out I went to primark…colossal mistake for us bigger boobed gals (sure it great if you’re smaller busted). Then I tried Matalan, which was good for a while and a great price point. I’ve also tried H&M and actual sports brand from Sports Direct but I found the holy grail at none other than Marks and Spencer.

I have been buying my bras at Marks and Spencer since my first bra fitting aged 11 (I was an early bloomer). And on a trip to get something new for everyday I saw they had a new range out and my draw nearly dropped when I saw they did EXTRA HIGH IMPACT. its what I had always needed. So I got home looked online and found this beauty and instantly ordered two.


The first thing that drew me to it was the extra high impact and then it was how pretty it was. Not that people were going to see it but I liked the idea of a nice looking bra for the gym. It isn’t super cheap at £16 but it is such great quality. The girls do not move at all. And it’s pretty darn comfortable.

Let me know if you have any sports bras you swear by or sportswear in general.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂